A Hero Who Saved Over 30 Lives Finally Retires From the Police Force and Is Honored for Their Bravery

A Hero Who Saved Over 30 Lives Finally Retires From the Police Force and Is Honored for Their Bravery

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A hero who has served in the police force for some time and has made a positive impact on the community around them is finally hanging up their badge and taking it easy after retiring. The twist? It’s not a human!

A police dog that saved 38 lives during its eight-year tenure has been honored at the Thin Blue Paw Awards gala a week ago. The 10-year-old German Shepherd resigned in June — and celebrated with her handler by going on her very first vacation – and well deserved one at that. Loving the easy life, she was enjoying the change of pace in relaxing, playing on the beach, and swimming in the ocean.

Scottish-based authority Linda McBride initially partnered with Luna in December 2012 when the then pup was only 12 weeks old — and, from that point forward, the couple has consistently paid special attention to one another. Growing a special bond and having each other’s back as time went on. Based at Larbert in the Focal Division of Police Scotland, the 55-year-old officer said the connection between the pair won’t ever be broken. Luna lives with Linda and a couple of active police dogs— a German Shepherd and cocker spaniel — as well as her mother, 91, who has an extraordinary relationship with every one of the canines.

“Luna would continue to work if the choice was hers,” said PC McBride. “She was an exceptional police dog to work alongside and when I found out she’d won the Lifesaver Award I was blown away; I even cried. Saying I’m proud of Luna at how much she has achieved is an understatement.

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Luna was talented in searching for and sniffing out high-risk missing individuals — with 38 lives saved during her tenure. In December 2019, Luna was shipped off to look for a vulnerable man who had gone missing from his home. She found him hidden in some brushes, experiencing hypothermia and requiring quick emergency clinic care.

In 2015, the pup ended up finding a fingertip that had been bitten off during a struggle so it very well may be taken to a medical clinic and specialists could endeavor to reattach it for the person in question. Linda thinks Luna’s instinctive nature made her so great at looking for missing individuals too because she just wanted to help — and Thin Blue Paw concurs.

“It’s astounding to read all the stories in which Luna has quite literally saved someone’s life,” said the Establishment’s legal administrator Kieran Stanbridge. “She’s a true inspiration.”

Linda says Luna has additionally acquired respect from canine handlers, frontline associates, and executives throughout the years.

“It’s due to her incredible natural ability to locate people quickly, many of whom would have perished due to their injuries or the elements, without her help. She has a wonderful temperament, particularly when dealing with vulnerable and high-risk people; she seems to know they need her help and shows such compassion towards them,” she continued. “But she still had the ability to switch when dealing with a dangerous criminal or anyone who would show violence towards her or me.”