A New Program Has Been Created To Help Keep Seniors From Feeling Lonely by Guaranteeing This One Thing

A New Program Has Been Created To Help Keep Seniors From Feeling Lonely by Guaranteeing This One Thing

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A new program is being hammered out to help dogs of elderly people which will allow the dogs to remain by their owner’s side when they can no longer physically take care of them.

It’ll hit two birds with one stone because it’ll ensure that the elderly individuals don’t start feeling lonely while also making sure that the dogs are taken care of and don’t begin to suffer when individuals can no longer take care of their pets.

In addition to this, the program also finds suitable homes for the dogs who have been put up for adoption in the event that the elderly person passes on, ends up in the hospital, or gets entered into an elderly care home.

The program was created after a canine rescue worker named Carie Broecker when a woman who was unable to move much anymore needed Broecker to walk her dog for her. Eventually, the elderly person had to part with the dog entirely due to her condition, and the idea of Peace of Mind was created.

“I said I promise I will make sure that Savannah finds a good home,” Broecker said. “She was so relieved that I could make that promise to her.”

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Savannah was the dog that inspired Broecker for the program, and that was back in 2009. Forward to today, Broecker is in charge of a senior citizen dog walking service, an encouraging program to assist with returning the possibility of a family alter into canines’ perspectives, and a salvage cover for old endlessly canines from the old.

“It blows us away over and over again how somebody will fall in love with a silly-looking blind chihuahua with a tongue hanging out and all kinds of medical issues,” Broecker said.

While she may not know it or realize it, Broecker is also doing what God and the Bible command of us. By ensuring that the animals are being well taken care of with or without their owners she is adhering to the Ten Commandments in Exodus where we are reminded that we are supposed to treat animals with respect and care, particularly those who work our lands. It’s unknown if Broecker has any type of faith or if she is Christian, but I’d be willing to say she does.

Frequently the old canines need vet care, which is paid for by donations by generous people who like the cause Broecker is pushing. Broecker says that the old dogs are much like the senior citizens they work with. After living a long joyful life they slowly over time begin to get ignored in the public eye, and it is her goal to change that.

With her program, she can give a security net to owners who need to be ensured that their dearest companions (and sometimes only companions) find a good home where they can continue living their happiest life.

Whether she is God-fearing or not, she is making big waves with her innovative idea on how to assist both pets and the elderly, and for that, she is amazing. May God bless her heart and continue to help her to push forward.