After Being Retired for a Few Years This Teacher Has Her Dreams Come True

After Being Retired for a Few Years This Teacher Has Her Dreams Come True

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Going to school I very much remember those particular teachers who stood out among the rest. There were some teachers who really cared, and most if not all teachers do care. There was just something about a handful of them who really showed it – and you knew they meant what they said when they encouraged you.

I’m sure most of us have fond memories of certain teachers, and as grades moved on and more and more students encountered the same teacher if we go back and ask all the students who their favorite teacher was it’d probably be the same across many students. Some teachers just have a thing about them that really connects with you as a student. They know how to captivate you, they know how to reach out to students and take their attention off of lunch, school ending, bullying, or anything else – and turn it to the subject at hand. Not only do they find a way to grab your attention, but they know how to keep it as well. Some go the extra mile and teach things, not on the agenda like how to manage and save money, and it would seem as though this teacher made quite the positive waves as this class made her dream come true.

A gathering of students now in high school collaborated with a creative TikToker to give a retired Kindergarten teacher a jaw-dropping shock that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Hamilton resigned from her occupation as an instructor quite a while back, but as you can see, she’s had a major effect as a teacher leaving an impression on the students she’s worked with.

At the point when her last class of Kindergarten students were fully grown and prepared to graduate in their graduation cap and gown, Kim, Hamilton’s daughter coordinated for them to toss an unexpected surprise that caught on TikTok easily racking up 3.2 million views on the social media platform.

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“Hey! Congratulations. That’s cool,” the teacher said when she spotted a former student from her patio. “What’s going on?”

That’s when the other students began making their way around. Soon, the one student standing in front of her turned twelve. They popped up out of random places to surprise her again and again. They came up from the hedges, behind obstructions, and all converged towards their most memorable teacher. One who has obviously made an impact on their lives.

“Oh my gosh. Did you know this was happening?” she looked to her daughter, who was recording. “Oh my gosh, I love you all. Oh my gosh, you’re all just gorgeous.” She couldn’t believe what was going on and was in awe over the happy reunion.

The viral video gripped the hearts of many educators around the world turning in, with one individual saying: “proof they never stop being our kids after they leave us.”

Another comment left on the video was: “I have tears and chills!!!! This is a teacher’s dream!”