“All Glory to God”: Tim Tebow Gets Amazing News During Live TV Broadcast

“All Glory to God”: Tim Tebow Gets Amazing News During Live TV Broadcast

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Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow got some amazing news during a recent live broadcast on ESPN.

Tebow, who is also well known for his Christian faith, has had some ups and downs over the past decade but his dedication to God has always remained his top priority.

While commentating a recent broadcast, colleague Joe Tessitore listed off 18 players as well as four coaches who were just inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Former USC running back Reggie Bush and former Georgia and Miami coach Mark Richt were among the names of individuals who made the cut.

Tessitore ran through the names one by one but he purposely missed one.

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“I forgot one name here,” Tessitore said. “The graphic was missing this because we also have a new Hall of Famer. He is arguably the most popular, the most successful, the singularly most impactful college football quarterback of the last generation or perhaps ever to play.”

As Tessitore spoke, Tebow started to understand what was going on.

“Timmy, congratulation,” he said.

The two got up and gave each other a hug along with the other co-hosts of the show, Jesse Palmer and Dan Muller.

“If there has ever been a first-ballot College Football Hall of Famer, it’s this guy,” said Palmer, who played quarterback at the University of Florida as well.

Tessitore joined in, “We know what you were as a player, but your commitment to the sport and the goodness that you’ve brought to everybody through the sport — you’re a Hall of Famer in every possible way.”

“This is incredible. Did you guys plan this or something? Honestly, it’s just so humbling,” Tebow said. “Thank you. There’s so many people that are a part of this…My granddad dreamed of getting the chance to see Florida win an SEC championship and he died before that happened. So when we were playing, we were playing for something a lot bigger than just winning or losing a game. Something that’s a lot bigger than just a pigskin. You’re playing for family, for relationships, for loved ones. That’s why college football is unrivaled to me. Special game.”

Later on, Tebow took to Twitter to tweet about the honor of joining the Hall of Fame.

“Just incredibly honored and grateful for the opportunity and all who helped make it possible!! All glory to God,” Tebow said.



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