Watch! An Uber Driver Was Awarded the “Hometown Hero” Award After Putting His Life on the Line

Watch! An Uber Driver Was Awarded the “Hometown Hero” Award After Putting His Life on the Line

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An Uber driver is being hailed as a legend after he halted mid-ride to hurry into a consuming brownstone in New York City to assist with safeguarding individuals before firemen showed up.

Fritz Sam, 54, said he was taking a traveler to New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday when he saw an upheaval in the city in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy area. That is the point at which he saw the flares and dull smoke emerging from a second-floor window of a brownstone.

“I asked my passenger, ‘Can I pull over?'” Sam said. “‘Maybe we can help.’ So we got out of the car and ran over there.”

Sam said a gathering of onlookers were hollering for individuals to escape the home, and that certain individuals left the structure. Before long, he and different spectators were shouting for individuals to leave the structure.

“I think we woke up the whole neighborhood,” Sam said.

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At the point when he inquired as to whether everybody was out of the structure, somebody said they thought no less than one individual stayed inside the brownstone.

“At that moment, I was like, ‘You have to decide, you know, what are you going to do?'” Sam said. “I don’t know if it was words that was hearing in my head, or if it was a feeling, and I just knew what that feeling was in words. I just knew that something had to be done at that moment. So I just took my phone, ran inside and around the staircase.”

Sam expressed that inside the structure, he initially found a man who said he needed to recover something from another floor. Somewhere else, he found a lady who was reluctant about leaving the structure.

“I was trying to run as fast as I can up the staircase, and when you’re in there, you’re nervous,” Sam said. “I’m still feeling like, ‘Oh my God, please don’t let the building blow up.’ Which might be overdramatic, but that crosses your mind — your imagination takes over.”

Sam had to quickly persuade the lady to leave and together they left. When she was securely on the walkway, he returned to the structure to find the one who he had experienced before.

“I had to speak with him in a tone of almost, ‘Man, do you need me to come up there and get you?'”

As he was leaving with the man, Sam said he ran into a cop and a fireman with a hose, who both ran into the structure.

After conversing with the horde of occupants outside, Sam went to get back to his vehicle when he heard somebody calling Uber driver, Uber driver!” The man getting back out to Sam gave back his vehicle keys, making sense that Sam had left his vehicle by a fire hydrant, thus he had moved the vehicle, so it didn’t hinder being crafted by specialists on call.

This could have ended tragically, but thanks to this Uber driver’s heroic acts people were saved. He also mentioned ‘hearing voices’ and ‘imagination taking over’. Well, those voices might have been the Holy Spirit who may have been guiding him and ordering his safe steps. As you know, God gives us the power to do anything when needed, and Psalm 82: 4 says “Rescue the weak and needy, Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” May the Lord bless this man and all those who were affected by this fire, while they might have been displaced and lost their belongings, they still have their lives.