Amazing Video: Largest Animal Rescue Sees Teams Across the Nation Converged To Save 4,000 of These Cuddly Animals

Amazing Video: Largest Animal Rescue Sees Teams Across the Nation Converged To Save 4,000 of These Cuddly Animals

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Few things can help join multitudes of people together. People can easily find the smallest details in something good (or not) and start-up arguments and debates about it. However, one thing that seems to unite us most of the time is our love for God’s furry little creatures.

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or a lover of animals you can bet that there are troves of people who will treat the animals with respect and care as the Bible instructs us to. In Exodus, the Ten Commandments remind us that we are supposed to treat animals with respect and care, particularly those who work our lands.

There are many other examples out of the Bible that say we should treat well animals good, but even those without a relationship with God still have the Holy Spirit inside of them – guiding them to have good morals even without them knowing.

That’s what happened when many rescue groups converged together for one cause – to save 4,000 dogs.

In Virginia, The Humane Society of the United States is working with the U.S. Equity Department in leading the work to move this massive number of canines from their current home to shelters in just a matter of weeks.

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The dogs weren’t of multiple breeds either. They were all beagles, and besides being man’s best friend, these smart dogs are known for their hunting skills, particularly rabbits. However, most of the time they are just part of today’s lovable furry friends.

The Envigo office, which reproduced these beagles for drug and research testing, was found as disregarding several governmental regulations and having many violations. The poor pups were found this year in very bad shape, to say the least, as per the U.S. Agriculture Department reports.

Two examination reports uncovered that the office “performed unnecessarily painful medical procedures on dogs and puppies – including euthanasia without a sedative.” As per Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Other reports additionally uncovered that the dogs were held in sweltering shelters for hours on end and that the office “caused distress” to pregnant or mother dogs who were nursing, along with their young pups, the representatives said in March.

Rescue associations from Wyoming, Virginia, California, and others are planning to take the first batch of canines one week from now. Every association is taking on a stupendous degree of work and costs to help these beagles.

Many organizations are preparing to make room for the pups. Some are investing in renting more property, some are purchasing vans that can fit up to 32 canines to transport them from Virginia to Wyoming.

The beagles may have been saved thanks to the efforts of these people converging to help, but that’s only the first step in this long process. They are all in various health conditions and will require various medical needs with some only needing minor attention while others will require quite a bit of clinical treatment.

While they get the older dogs up to normal health again, the more youthful pups will probably be fit to be adopted sooner. Some of them – including the adult dogs – have never even heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner, so on top of getting them in tip-top shape for a new loving owner, they will have to introduce them to the home living environment.

However, the rescuers aren’t letting these facts slow them down. They are all optimistic and looking forward to seeing the dogs adopted and going on to live their best lives with their new owners.