Video: Couple Finally Ties the Knot After Two Years of a Long-Distance Relationship Due to Being Clinically Vulnerable

Video: Couple Finally Ties the Knot After Two Years of a Long-Distance Relationship Due to Being Clinically Vulnerable

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Some of the happiest couples I know have met online, some of them are still in love with their high school sweetheart, and some are paired together through fate such as getting to know one another during a crisis or through a friend or family member that both are close to.

Those of us who date locally in the good ol’ fashioned way find ourselves not being able to get enough of our other half during the honeymoon phase. This leads to one person or the other meeting up, and always being around each other. Neither mind at first, but what if during your honeymoon phase even though you were close, you had to stay apart. For those of us who are living with normal circumstances, we find it hard enough to stay away from that special someone.

Now, imagine how it felt for this couple with Downs syndrome who not only were unable to get together during their honeymoon phase. They were unable to get together for two whole years, living somewhat close together, but feeling so far apart.

That to me would be the ultimate test of love, and in this story, love won when these two finally tied the knot after a long two years of being apart.

This heartwarming story begins when Chris Miller asked the ultimate question to his beloved sweetheart Ffion Martin during the height of the 2020 lockdown. Lucky for him, she said okay. Just in time for the covid lockdowns and the reality sunk in that the wedding would need to be put off as they both were shielding at the time.

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However, the long wait is now over for the blissful pair from Carmarthen when they finally said ‘I do’ in Llansteffan on Saturday. Professional entertainers Chris, 39, and Ffion, 22, initially met at the Hijinx theater organization, which works with entertainers who have learning disabilities.

Following two tender years of dating, Chris proposed, yet during the second lockdown, they were requested to shield as they were both seen as clinically vulnerable to covid or other illnesses. This meant they were to keep separate for the whole time. Their only communication method was the phone until the lockdown was eventually eased enough for them to see each other.

Ffion thinks this end of the week’s wedding is cause enough for a twofold celebration saying:

“We’re going to have a very big party and I’m having a red carpet. I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve had a difficult period, but we got through it.”

Friends and loved ones have been in the middle of making the last arrangements for the help at Llansteffan Memorial Hall. The tables were laid with inflatables blown up and wedding favors for each visitor on each seat.

“We’ve had bunches of time to get ready,” described the mother of the lady Janice Martin. “Truly we simply believe they should have an exquisite wedding. All they believe should do is get hitched and host a gathering. It doesn’t matter to them what’s on the table. However, we simply maintained that it should be unique, so we’ve buckled down.”

This long two years that the pair has overcome speaks volumes about their love for each other along with faith in one another. I’m sure this is one wedding that will last and endure the long hall. Congratulations to both of them! As the Bible says, love overcomes all, be it covid, time, restrictions, or anything else.