WATCH: Did This 7-Year-Old Hero Prove That Not All TV Is Bad?

WATCH: Did This 7-Year-Old Hero Prove That Not All TV Is Bad?

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With the amount of trash that the media and this world always push out it can be hard to leave your child alone with the TV on. You never know what the next show or commercial will bring, and for a while now we’ve just left our TV completely off or watched old TV shows or movies that we know are safe. However, this young seven-year-old just might have proven that not all is bad out there in the world of TV.

When young kids watch TV, we often take something away from it. Some might take away new words that would get you in trouble, some might take away cool tricks, and others might take away an expansion of their imaginative world when they play. However, seven-year-old David Diaz Jr took away a maneuver that helped save the life of his friend, DeAndre, who began choking during lunch.

During the crisis, David sprung into action upon seeing his friend not able to breathe and choking and began performing the Heimlich maneuver otherwise known as the “five-and-five,” which is a repetitive action of rotating back blows and stomach pushes that can loosen food lodged in someone’s airway.

“I did that because you have to save everybody in life,” David said. He added that he was taken aback by his own courage and bravery “I didn’t know what to do so I just did it,” he explained.

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At the point when David was asked where he took in the Heimlich move, he replied, “‘The Good Doctor.’ It’s a show about this youngster that knows a ton about bodies. At the point when he grows up, he turns into a doctor.”

Keep in mind that while TV helped in this case, this is no excuse to leave your child alone with the TV. Parents, we still need to be very involved and around our children at all times.

Like any other parent would be, and rightfully so, David’s father, David Diaz Sr., was astonished upon hearing what his son had done and very proud. The young hero’s actions had spread around the community and made their way to New York Sen. Fred Akshar on June 13, Akshar awarded David an official New York State Senate Commendation Award, which is saved for individuals who make extraordinary commitments in their areas.

“When second-grader David Diaz realized his friend DeAndre was choking during lunch time, David acted without hesitation, jumped in, and performed the Heimlich maneuver to save DeAndre’s life,” Sen. Fred Akshar said. “We were proud to present David with a New York State Senate Commendation Award for exemplifying what it means to be a hero in his community.”

David’s future looks bright and hopefully, his parents and loved ones can kindle his special flame to grow only larger as he gets older. When asked if he wants to be a doctor when he grows up, he declined to say: “I probably want to be, like, a basketball player.”