Doctors Said No, but God Said Yes to Preemie Twins Beating All Odds, and Going Home After Being Given 0% Chance of Survival

Doctors Said No, but God Said Yes to Preemie Twins Beating All Odds, and Going Home After Being Given 0% Chance of Survival

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In the bible, we get to learn that God will not place anything on you more than you can handle and that he sends all good things. Not some, not a little, but all. This includes children, and whether there may be ‘something wrong with them or not, or things look bleak with the parent(s) or the baby, one thing stands, and will always stand. And that’s God’s word.

Recently, it would seem as though God’s blessing shined through once again. This time in the UK – where two of the most preemie twins ever have at long last been deemed safe and have been sent home from the hospital after five long months. Despite being given a 0% chance to survive after their birth.

Tiny Harry and Harley Crane were conceived through IVF where an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or by some other method that is outside the body.

The tiny tots were born at only 22 weeks old and five days, and infants born just five months of developing are not classed as legitimately feasible, but the twins held onto life – and I’m sure God has a plan.

The mother, Jade, 39, has spent the recent five months next to her children – watching them like any worried mother would in the infant emergency unit at Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham.

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In the wake of attempting to get pregnant normally for quite some time, Jade experienced an ectopic pregnancy before the couple chose to begin IVF in 2010.

The miracle twins were deemed safe to go back home to Derby this week with their elated mom and dad only 14 days after their original due date – shocking doctors in the process.

“They’re doing absolutely amazing. They’re doing all the things that we were told they wouldn’t do—they’re crying, they’re surviving. It’s really emotional,” said father Steve, 52. “140 days ago we didn’t think we’d be here.”

The couple encountered three heart-wrenching miscarriages on IVF, as well. “Steve and I have been together for 14 years, and 11 of those have been spent doing IVF,” says Jade. “The few bits of clothes that I did buy made me think that I better keep the tags on just in case – you just don’t want to let yourself believe.”

At that point when she checked into the emergency clinic on October 26, pregnant at only 22 weeks, the specialist continually said that it’d be another miscarriage, however, Jade said it couldn’t be due to her feeling the infants moving inside of her.

A medical caretaker explained that after the birth the babies weren’t crying, worrying the mother – but she explained that this is only because they were born way too early.

Jade said: “However at that point I heard this little cry. Harry did likewise when he was conceived an hour after the fact. Their little cries seemed like a minuscule cat.”

Be that as it may, the couple were told yet again bad news – the twins won’t make it.

The twins were brought into this world with lung and other issues. They were likewise determined to have serious gastrointestinal issues, which could be fatal, and Jade was told to plan a bid farewell.

However, glory to God, the infants have beat all odds, and Harley at long last joined her sibling at home on Monday!

When the world says no, or hands you bad news, just look to your heavenly Father – because He might just say yes, and it’s His word that matters.

Jade just had one thing to say at the end of it all: “They’ll go down in clinical history – I’m almost certain they’ll have one of the wards named after them since everybody is simply stunned by them!”