Doctors Shocked Over Miracle of 7 Year Old With Incurable Condition Not Only Recovered but Thriving

Doctors Shocked Over Miracle of 7 Year Old With Incurable Condition Not Only Recovered but Thriving

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For this princess, dreams have come true as doctors were in awe after she regained her sight and ‘cured herself’ of a usually life-long brain condition.

Evie-Mae Geurts was registered blind at only a couple of months old, and when her head began to enlarge a couple of months later, her 28-year-old mother demanded answers.

Specialists found she had hydrocephalus, the development of liquid in the ventricles deep within the brain, at only eight months. This is very uncommon since about 1 in every 1000 babies is born with hydrocephalus. Symptoms can include headaches, lethargy, enlarged head, vomiting, or seizures. Tragically, there is presently no cure, but there is an implant that can provide long-term relief.

The strain inside her head was 32 times the average level, and specialists cautioned that while they could assist with the pain and build-up, the harm to her brain was already done. The continued pressure meant her sight would be gone forever, and she’d probably never figure out how to walk and talk.

The current standard treatment for hydrocephalus is the careful implantation of a shunt. A shunt diverts cerebrospinal liquid to another part of the body. This allows the brain’s enlarged ventricles to revert to a more normal size with an end goal to free the side effects of hydrocephalus. Shunts are produced using silicone and plastic, and all parts of the shunt are put under the skin. As a result, no parts stick out or are located outside the body.

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However, against all the odds, not only did her sight return when she was a little child, Evie-Mae Geurts likewise figured out how to walk and, yes, you guessed it, talk!

Additionally, her hydrocephalus vanished a year ago. Generally, hydrocephalus is a condition that can’t be cured and requires a shunt for the entirety of the person’s life. However, Evie-Mae is flourishing as a seven-year-old and lives without any shunts. She’s even at the top percent of her class and can see impeccably with no glasses. What a miracle!

There are still eye tests she must go through every six months to screen for her advancement; specialists have been shocked by her journey. “They can’t believe it,” said proud mother, Amy. “Evie is phenomenal. We’re so proud of her. She’s an amazing little girl, and so brave.”

When specialists took out the shunts, they needed to shave her hair back to do the procedure.

At the salon afterward, the beauticians let the blessed young lady know that she’d been so brave to go through such an ordeal. She responded, “Just like Eugene cuts Rapunzel’s hair to save her in Tangled, the doctors cut my hair off to save me.” Referring to a Disney movie that retells the classic tale of Rapunzel, a lost, youthful princess with supernatural healing long blond hair who longs to leave her confined tower. Against her stepmother’s wishes, she accepts the assistance of an intruder (Eugene) to take her out into a world she has never even stepped foot on.