Dog Believed to Be Dead Post Avalanche Slide Found Alive Days Later

Dog Believed to Be Dead Post Avalanche Slide Found Alive Days Later

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The majority of people who have animals as pets love them dearly. Some consider them a member of the family, and if they were in dire need we would do whatever we can to assist them. Some would even run out of a storm cellar during dangerous winds or tornados to save Fido.

Even if the animals you own are just considered property, a good farmer understands very well that you need to take care of the animals and treat them well. Eventually, just like us, animals pass on, and when that happens we can feel deep sorrow. That’s what this couple must have felt like when he thought his pup was lost to an avalanche.

Thursday, a snowboarder and skier endured a torrential avalanche in the boondocks region southwest of Monarch Pass.

Brian Lazar, with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, said, “The second skier down triggered an avalanche, which then washed over the snowboarder.”

Brian added that the primer examination showed that the skier used his airbag and was somewhat buried in the deep snow, he’d even lost a ski. On the other side of the coin, a snowboarder who was underneath the snow already was unable to deploy his airbag. She was trapped deeper in the snow, but the skier was thankfully able to help her out of the snow, saving her.

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Both snow riders were unharmed and made it out of this dire situation on their own.

“This could have gone in a much different direction very easily,” Lazar said.

The skier and snowboarder were a couple and had their trusty dog with them. In the wake of looking for the canine following the avalanche, they sadly left without him since no matter where they looked or for how long, they just couldn’t spot him.

Lazar mentioned, “We did have some search and rescue members visit yesterday, and they didn’t see any signs of tracks.”

The poor pup was presumed to have kicked the bucket thanks to the torrential avalanche until, as per Lazar, the canine was found on the trailhead on Monarch Pass late Saturday night. No one saw where he emerged from or had any idea how he could have been missing this whole time, yet there he was.

Miraculously the dog survived and made it back to Monarch Pass after spending many nights in cold weather,” Lazar said.

As many who go snow riding or sightseeing know, you want to have a plan and take into account what type of territory you’re traversing. This includes avalanches, and you want to think about not only your own wellbeing, the people you’re with such as your family or friends, those around you, and yes, even your furry friends.

“Of course, we will never exactly know what happened to this dog. Only the dog will know that story,” Lazar added.

Individuals handling the backsides of this type of territory need to bring at least the basics such as survival gear, a pole to stick around to make sure you don’t fall into a crevice or deep holes, and of course, the mighty collapsible shovel. The best thing to do according to Lazar is to call for help if you’ve fallen victim to an avalanche, keep a close eye on those who are trapped beneath the snow, and only after you know for sure that you’re safe yourself, try to help them.

The couple was over joyous to be reunited with their favorite pet companion and will be more careful next time they want to take a trip to the area. It’s amazing what animals can endure at times, and I’m sure this pup was in survival mode. Nevertheless, he was saved and is safe again – in the warmth of his home.