Dog Lost For 3 Months Gets Found By Drone In Record Timing

Dog Lost For 3 Months Gets Found By Drone In Record Timing

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A golden retriever that had been missing for three months was found by Colorado deputies when they were participating in a drone training exercise, according to the authorities in that state. According to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, an infrared camera attached to a drone was able to locate the little dog, who has been given the name Farrah, on Sunday in the vicinity of where she had been seen most recently. Law enforcement agents were able to find Farrah in just under 10 minutes!

According to KRDO, Farrah is now living a happy life with her owner, Taylor Salazar, despite the fact that she weighs just one-half of her previous body weight and has to have one of her legs removed. The veterinarian speculated that the dog may have been the victim of a traffic accident.

Salazar first bought her dog after receiving the news that her husband, Fili, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019. Salazar decided to give the young puppy a home as a companion animal. Salazar bought the dog to lighten up her family and Farrah did just that. Even when her husband Fili passed away three months later, the dog remained to be a source of solace for the family.

Farah initially became lost after Salazar’s father had a seizure while driving and wrecked close to the intersection of US 50 and Colorado 9 in a remote, dark region. After that, the dog went missing. The dog made a break for it and fled the scene. Even though three months had gone, Salazar never lost hope that Farrah would be found alive and well since there had been sightings of the dog in the area, including a security film that showed the dog drinking water near an agricultural property. According to Salazar, however, no one who spotted the dog was successful in catching her.

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She would flee if they came too near, and she was aware of where she might escape. As part of the sheriff’s department’s ongoing drone training, the dispatcher at the sheriff’s office, who was aware of Farrah, requested that the department look for the dog.

The New York Post had these details to add to the miraculous story:

Salazar, who joined deputies at the scene for the search, threw chicken on the ground after Farrah had been located by the drone to lure her towards them.

Suddenly, Farrah “stuck her head through the barbed wire fence, and then the next minute she’s laying in my lap and I was like, ‘I got her!’” Salazar told KRDO.

“Within minutes, deputies spotted her using the drone’s infrared camera. A short time later, Farrah was reunited with her family. She is safely on her way home, and the UAS team was able to practice some very valuable search and rescue techniques with our drone!” The Sheriff’s Office wrote.

Salazar said Farrah is still adjusting to living at home but is doing well. She said she believes her late husband may have helped bring their dog back to her.

If you have a lost pet getting a professional with a drone to search your local area might not be that bad of an idea.