Johnny Cash’s Faith Is Revealed In Never-Before-Seen Journal

Johnny Cash’s Faith Is Revealed In Never-Before-Seen Journal

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The late singer Johnny Cash has not only left behind a musical legacy that has influenced both fans and other performers, but the late singer has also left behind a spiritual legacy that continues to live on nearly 20 years after his passing.

By creating a new book with the title “Walking the Line: 90 Devotions of Truth and Hope Based on the Faith of Johnny Cash,” his son, John Carter Cash, is keeping the flame of his father’s faith alive.

The book is a compilation of past spiritual remarks and proclamations from Johnny Cash that have never been seen before. In addition, Johnny Cash’s son explains how important God and the Bible were to his father.

Faith Wire had more details to add to the wonderful testimony of Johnny Cash:

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My father’s faith was defining of who he was,” Cash told CBN’s Faithwire.My dad fell short in many ways through his life, but he always went back to that faith. He always carried that with him no matter what, wherever he went. Everything that he did in his life, that was a foundation.”

Even when his dad erred, he said he would always “come back … full circle” on that faith, allowing it to carry him through the good and bad times.

Cash referred to his late mother, June Carter Cash, and his father, Johnny Cash, as “down-to-earth, real people.” He claimed that his father had a tremendous sense of humor and a great sense of humility, despite the fact that his father appeared to be larger than life on stage.

In the end, Cash, who was known to have a close acquaintance with the influential preacher Billy Graham, cherished the things in life that are of the utmost significance.

The things that he stood for are… important parts of love and respect for family and forgiveness,” Cash said, adding that he tries his best in his own life to live by the lessons set by his father. Cash’s father was a country music singer.

Near the end of his life, the compassionate son revealed that his ailing father endured a variety of trials and tribulations, most notably health-related issues. Despite all of his struggles, Cash never stopped honoring God.

Cash said that the man’s faith was comparable to that of Job. John Carter went on to say his dad never uttered a curse against God and he came to terms with the fact that he was human, and his religion assisted him in overcoming obstacles.

The son of the Folson Blues singer would go on to state that he draws strength from this example whenever he is confronted with turbulence or difficulties in his own life. As for the reason why Carter decided to release “Walking the Line,” he has stated that it is all about helping others find inspiration via the faithful words of his father.

Cash stated that the process of putting together “Walking the Line” in collaboration with The John R. Cash Revocable Trust and DaySpring brought back a lot of happy memories for him.

While on the earth Cash notably witnessed to inmates in prisons where he would perform his hit songs. One thing Cash did best exemplified the verse “Whatever you do in word or deed do all for the glory of God” Yes, Cash fell short on several occasions, but he knew there was repentance in Christ Jesus.