Evangelist Alveda King Launches New Mission; Continues The Journey In Her Uncle’s Footsteps

Evangelist Alveda King Launches New Mission; Continues The Journey In Her Uncle’s Footsteps

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There’s little doubt that the late great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., would be extremely proud of his pro-life evangelist niece Alveda King.

King one of the nations leading outspoken pro-life proponents has just launched a new pro-life organization called “Speak For Life.” The organization promises to bring their message in support of the unborn to every Sunday school, and after-school club in the nation, informing the next generation on the fundamental Christian principles of protecting the most vulnerable within our society.

The 70 year old pro-life advocate will be traveling around the country to schools and college campuses and other venues, speaking to students and young adults, on the most basic principles within the human spirit, the preservation of life.

Human life is sacred from the womb to the tomb,” the activist told The Christian Post in a video interview.

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King an outspoken advocate against the evil and cruel practice of abortion for well over 3 decades, wants to encourage the younger generation to value human life in all its forms, from the unborn to those reaching the end of their life’s journey, regardless of color, creed, gender or age.

King recently retired from the “Priests for Life” ministry to start her own faith based organization.

Speak For Life, the organization is new, but my ministry and mission has been ongoing for all of my life,” she said. “I was rescued from abortion myself in 1950 when my mom was pregnant with me, and my grandfather convinced her to have me.”

The Christian Post recently caught up with King, to find out more about what “Speak For Life” offers students regarding its curriculum, ranging from elementary school to college.

CP: Can you give us an example of what the Speak For Life curriculum for the younger people would contain?

King: Well, in a beautiful way, and I don’t want to give too much of it away, but we show them 3D and 4D ultrasounds now, and just ask them the question, “When does life begin?” Then, you ask for an opportunity for the young people to write and answer that question. As it unfolds, you might see that conception, which is spectacular. It’s just beautiful. You see the baby unfolding. And then [we] say, “When is the baby, a baby?” You let the students begin to answer, but you have the science there.

We let them do their own little TikToks, their own little videos or they write their own little paragraphs. And they have their own little discussion groups. It’s totally interactive.

CP: How important is it to instill pro-life values in the children?

King: I have children in Heaven because of abortions and a miscarriage. I have six living children and 11 grandchildren right now. We are certainly talking about letting the babies live and be born, helping the mother, the father, the grandparents, the community to sustain life.

But for example, on issues of human sexuality, when the girl children say, “Well, I was born a girl, I want to be a boy” [or] “I was born a boy, I want to be a girl.” And they’re little children, so if we legalize … where they can begin to get reproductive surgery and cut things off, then they grow up and they want it back, and they won’t grow it back. That’s the thing. So we need to let children be children. Not hyper-sexualized, not aborted, not human trafficked, not inundated. There’s so much stuff in the media.

However King doesn’t limit herself concerning God’s love for the unborn, she’s also written a new Christian song along with her good friend Kathie Lee Gifford, titled “Your Way Yahweh.”

In a day where chaos and uncertainty are abundant, I wanted to write a song that brings people back to the foundation of who God is,” King, a prominent pro-life activist, shared in a statement with The Christian Post. “I long for people to know God and to experience the incredible greatness of living a life built upon His foundation.

For those interested, the entire interview can be caught on The Christian Post website.