Faith Trips Return from Long Hiatus Allowing You to Visit God’s Chosen Land

Faith Trips Return from Long Hiatus Allowing You to Visit God’s Chosen Land

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Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world, for Christians when we read the Bible we get to learn that this area was the historical region in which Jesus was born. He also ministered, worked miracles, and was likewise crucified and resurrected here as well.

In addition to these historical moments, much of the Bible was written and took place here both in the New and Old Testaments. Most Christians make it a life goal to visit the place just to see Holy artifacts, pray at the wall, and see sights such as the mount of olives. This is one of many reasons why Christians are adamant about one day making the trip to see the Holy land.

While Christians are one of the groups who call the land Holy and long suffer to visit it one day, they’re not the only ones. Jews and Muslims also call the land Holy and travel there for some of the same reasons as well. When visiting, you can be sure that you’ll see a mix of the three groups without any shadow of a doubt.

However, taking a trip to the Holy land has proved to be difficult in recent years due to the pandemic. Now, they are slightly opening back up the Holy land to receive tourists once again. A few churches and groups leaped at the chance to go and see, booking groups and teams – quickly filling up plane reservation seats.

One such group is led by Rev. Harold Hendren whose schedule is taking individuals from the New Covenant United Methodist Church. The Christian journey to the Holy land in the Middle East is a dream come true for some, Revered saying:

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“I had gone every year for several years, then COVID hit. There was no trip in 2020, and I couldn’t go last year. But this year, I was determined to go back.”

This year, Rev. Hendren was able to take 23 people on their Christian journey to the Holy Land for his pilgrimage, which lasted from March 28 to April 6. Furthermore, with pandemic travel limitations lifting, more churches and places of faith are arranging excursions to the Holy Land.

Another group planning a trip to see the Holy Land soon is Rock of Ages Lutheran Church. Gary Serago from New Life Christian’s Involvement Ministry is leading the drive on the excursion.

“My wife and I went to Israel before, and we heard from friends that they would love to do a trip like that,” he said.

Serago contacted one of his school teachers, who made the trip to the Holy Land with Mark Ziese, a Bible instructor and paleontologist who has made many visits to the Holy Land for upwards of 40 years now.

“I talked to Mark Ziese about what it would take to put together a trip to the Holy Land with him,” Serago said. “Next thing we knew, we had 30 people from the church signed up to visit the Holy Land next year.”

Regardless of the denomination you follow, if you believe in God that is reason enough for Christians and others to make these pilgrimages.

This is amazing news – and even greater when placed next to the news coming out of the mainstream beast nowadays. If you’re Christian, or even curious, and have the chance along with the means – I highly suggest making a trip. I know if I ever got the chance, I’d go. Imagine being able to say you were baptized in the Jordan River? That’d be quite the talking point, and one you’d be able to share with your children, loved ones, and strangers.