Woke Gen-Z’s Get a Dose of Jesus Christ When Binging This Show

Woke Gen-Z’s Get a Dose of Jesus Christ When Binging This Show

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A film being shown to Gen-Z’s is hammering away at them and getting them to come to Christ. The producer of the series “The Chosen” wants to impact Gen-Z and help them come to Christ. There were a few participants who binged the show and here’s what happened.

Derral Eves, executive producer for the faith-based series “The Chosen,” leaned towards Warnock and expressed something along the lines of, “I’m really passionate about Gen Z. I just want to bring a bunch of them together, blind experiment, and have them binge watch ‘The Chosen’ in one day.”

“And then he walked away,” said Warnock, the show’s head of unique content.

Warnock said she looked for divine direction for the undertaking and put in her best effort to cast the ideal people for the show, and “off we went.”

What they did is show the series to 9 young Gen-Zs from different foundations, societies, and areas — a considerable lot of whom don’t identify themselves with religion or Jesus Christ — and asked that they watch a show about the existence of Jesus Christ — Season 1 of “The Chosen.”

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The outcome was a documentary dubbed, “Unfiltered: Gen Z Reacts to The Chosen,” which includes the teens and young adults responding to the show while likewise telling their own crude and weak personal experiences. The narrative debuted in a worldwide Livestream on July 17.

A significant number of the members seemed overwhelmed by the show and more open to the idea of Jesus Christ.

They seemed to relate well to specific characters and scenes portraying circumstances with mental health, alienation, those who were turned down, and how Jesus thusly showed sympathy, love, and acknowledgment. They also praised the show for having great diversity and not being linear.

A few examined their negative encounters with religion previously and said they were attracted to the accepting, peaceful, friendly, kind of Jesus depicted in the series.

“This experience was what I needed right now,” said Emma, one of the nine members, who was touched and had tears flowing down her face.

One memorable moment in the documentary came when the nine members sat down for a conversation with Jonathan Roumie, the entertainer who plays Jesus in the series.

“God is calling you,” Roumie let one of them know. “He wants to know you on a deeper level. So that tug that you’re feeling? That’s Christ trying to get to know you. That’s what that is. You’ve got nothing to lose to explore. And as you get closer and closer, you’ll know what’s true. But I think he’s calling you. And I just felt I should share that with you.”

Warnock added that Christians need to do a better job when it comes to accepting Gen-Z and showing them the way to Christ rather than allowing them to stay lost.

“The generation that is coming up is entrenched in more trauma than I think we are aware of, and Jesus is truly the only answer,” she said. “So how do we build that bridge and runway to him instead of us and our rules? That was the heartbeat of it.”

If you’re interested in checking out the documentary it can be viewed here. As for the show – you can stream the first season on Peacock and other various streaming platforms such as Netflix. With that being said, perhaps there is hope for this generation, and we shouldn’t give up on them because God never gave up on us.