Group Fights For Incarcerated Pastor To Be Freed From Cuban Prison

Group Fights For Incarcerated Pastor To Be Freed From Cuban Prison

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A Protestant pastor on the communist island of Cuba has been imprisoned since the beginning of July, for peacefully participating in a demonstration against the deplorable conditions that exist on the tiny island, only 90 miles from the Florida Keys.

Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo was arrested on July 11th by State Security police for peacefully protesting in Palma Soriano.

The spontaneous Cuban uprising in July captured the hearts of freedom loving Americans, along with Cuban/Americans all across the United States, and especially in Miami’s “Little Havana” the adopted home to thousands of Cuban exiles, along with their American born offspring.

However, the protests quickly vanished from the national scene, thanks in part to Bidens refusal to openly support the thousands of freedom loving Cubans openly defying the communist regime. Instead the Biden administration ignored the protests refusing to allow boatloads of Cubans to land on our shore.

Pastor Fajardo along with thousands like him took to the streets peacefully demonstrating amid shortages of basic human necessities, such as much needed COVID vaccines, medicines and food.

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The demonstrations reputed to be the largest in decades, shook the Marxist regime to its core, forcing them to quickly stamp them out, using whatever means necessary.

The Christian pastor after being arrested arrived under guard to the minimum security Palma Soriano Prison. However he was later transferred to the Boniato Maximum Security Prison outside the city of Santiago de Cuba last month.

Thankfully, word got out regarding the Pastor’s dire circumstances; a Christian group tasked with protecting religious freedom worldwide has begun a campaign calling on the communist régime in Cuba, to immediately release Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo.

In a prepared statement, the British based group called “Christian Solidarity Worldwide” (CSW) announced their campaign to bring public pressure and awareness to the plight of Pastor Rosales Fajardo.

The Cuban pastor has been the religious leader for the past 20 years at the Monte de Sion church, and now faces charges of “disrespect” and “public disorder,” punishable between 3 to 20 years imprisonment. Also according to the religious group, he’s also being held incommunicado for most of his detention.

Prison authorities have also refused the pastor’s wife visitation rights to see her husband.

Maridilegnis Carballo was told by prison officials that she can only speak to her husband for 3-minutes per phone call according to CSW.

Also according to CSW, Carballo “has also been threatened with imprisonment herself for speaking to international human rights organizations about her husband’s unjust detention.

CSW quoted the pastor’s wife as saying in July: “I went to the place where they say they have my husband detained. No one would let me see him, they haven’t even allowed us a phone call … I have run out of strength; how hard it is to pass through the valley of death. But I will not fear anything, I know that God is with us.”

Dave Mance head honcho at CSW said, “The pastor has now spent over two months in prison in horrible conditions simply for participating in peaceful protests.”

Adding, “CSW continues to call for his immediate and unconditional release, and we urge everyone who cares about justice to stand with us in sending a message to Cuba that the world is watching and that their treatment of Pastor Rosales Fajardo will not be tolerated.”