Having Made an Emergency Landing on the Highway, a Teen Pilot Says He Has God To Thank.

Having Made an Emergency Landing on the Highway, a Teen Pilot Says He Has God To Thank.

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The single-engine plane in which Brock Peters, then 18 years old, and his family were traveling experienced mechanical difficulties and was forced to make an emergency landing.

The Californian teenager who had just gotten his pilot’s license was taking his granny and two cousins out to breakfast when the disaster occurred. The young, inexperienced pilot learned awful news while in the air.

I heard the engine go and I’m like ‘I don’t have any power.’ My RPMs are going down,” Brock remarked.

Brock attributes his successful landing to God.

The unanticipated difficulty shook the young pilot to his core. The reality of the situation was very different from what he had been taught to expect, and he was understandably anxious about it. The constant wailing of her grandmother added a great deal of stress to the situation, but he managed to tune it out and focus on finding a solution.

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With the plane and his thoughts spinning out of control, the adolescent had to make a snap decision. His training kicked in at the last second, and he landed safely on the shoulder of the road.

In addition to his training, he also had the confidence that someone was helping him the whole time.

I’m just glad it ended the way it did. God helped me through that one because there were some things like, I was coming down and there’s power lines that went across the road,” Brock recounted. “When I was coming down, I didn’t see those until after I’d got out and checked everything out.”

When it happened, the five minutes between the engine failure and the landing seemed like an eternity to the passengers. We praise God for intervening on their behalf and directing Brock’s actions during this terrifying situation.


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