Homeless Pup Finds a Furever Home with a Soldier After Comforting Troops

Homeless Pup Finds a Furever Home with a Soldier After Comforting Troops

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Each year, over two million dogs and cats are euthanized because shelters are past max capacity or there aren’t enough adoptive homes, and only one of every ten puppies born will ever find a permanent home. So, it’s heartwarming and promising when any dog goes from being homeless to being adopted. One such scenario sees a pup named Duke being adopted by a soldier.

Duke, a canine who carried comfort to some U.S. soldiers abroad, will currently be able to carry on with a comfortable life here in America with one of the very troops he comforted. The three-year-old mixed breed nestled his way in and became a member of the family to Sergeant K. along with his Army unit in Kosovo last year after they found him scrounging for food around their base.

Duke visited day to day, swaying his tail, and before long, turned into the highlight of their day, conveying comfort to those who were homesick. Sgt. Kelsey bonded with the dog and named him Duke. He wanted to get the pup out of danger and make a better life for the canine. The New York-based cause Paws of War staff vowed to help, so Duke and the sergeant could be together again.

Be that as it may, before Duke could find his furever home in the U.S., everything went south – and fast! He no longer appeared at the base. 

Some soldiers looked for him for a few days, but to no avail, their searches were turning up nothing, and they were beginning to fear the worst. Eventually, they finally came across him and noticed he had actually been wounded from a gunshot and was bleeding a lot while also dehydrated.

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Paws of War conveyed a crisis vet group to save Duke’s life.

The charitable abroad rescue partner, The Alamal Foundation, gave foster care to Duke while he recuperated. The pup endured half a year of healing and at long last rebuilt his strength until he was able to stand on all fours once more.

As of late, Sgt. Kelsey received a message from Dereck Cartright, a veteran who planned operations for Paws of War.

“We are thrilled to be able to tell you that after months of healing and rehabilitation, Duke has made a tremendous recovery. He is ready for the next part of his journey.”

The fortunate pup is projected to be reunited with Sgt. Kelsey later this month.

“The entire Army unit is so excited that Duke is coming home,” said Sgt. Kelsey. “This is the moment we’ve prayed for.”

Employees at the Alamal Foundation set up Duke with a goodbye party, attended by every individual who aided in his restoration. In addition, paws of War launched a fundraising mission to assist with taking care of the expense of Duke’s trip to the U.S and his lifetime clinical care.

“We are happy to help them with this mission and hope that many people in the community will want to support it as well. We can’t do it without their support.”