Incredible Video Shows Man Saving Child From Eighth Floor Window

Incredible Video Shows Man Saving Child From Eighth Floor Window

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There’s heroes all around us if you look closely! An incredible video out of Kazakhstan shows a man jumping out of his apartment window on the eighth floor to save the life of a helpless young girl. The young child, who was supposedly home alone at the time, was found to be dangling by the window sill more than 10 feet above a drop of 30 meters.

The girl was extremely terrified but the next thing she knew, her neighbor on the floor below, Shontakbaev Sabit, had stepped out of his window and was pulling on her right leg while telling her to let go of the object.

Quickly Mr. Sabit grabs her, regains his footing, and then hands her off to a person who has been waiting at his window. You can watch the entire rescue operation down below. It is reported that locals called emergency services, who then informed them that they would not be able to reach the young girl in time, which encouraged Sabit to take the courageous action that she did.

Watch the moment the rescue happened here:

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India Times had more on the incredible story:

The video of the rescue was shared on Twitter by the Good News Correspondent. “Sabit Shontakbaev was walking with a friend yesterday when he saw a dangling toddler holding on for her life from a window on the 8th floor of a building. Immediately, Sabit rushed into the building & ran up, getting access to the apartment below,” read the caption.

“Sabit said: ‘I did not have a safety harness so my friend held my legs. ‘At that moment I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted to help the child.’ Sabit who has 4 kids of his own, was awarded a medal by the city’s deputy emergency minister,” the Twitter thread added.


According to an official source, the child escaped by first stuffing pillows and stuffed animals under the window and then climbing out.

Altai Kulginov, the mayor of the city, has praised Shontakbaev for the courageous gesture that he performed. He was presented with a medal for demonstrating “courage” by Ibrahim Kulshimbayev, who is the deputy emergency minister of Kazakhstan. Because of his incredible bravery, he was also given the opportunity to start a new career as a rescuer.

According to the rumors, Shontakbaev, who already has a daughter and three other kids, will also be gifted with a brand new residence that has three bedrooms and a television set. Because of this, his family will be able to relocate to Nur-Sultan and join him there.

Up until this point, he had been supporting himself financially in the nation’s capital and remitting funds to his wife in Kyzylorda. The Bible verse “Greater love has no one than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends” couldn’t be any more perfect to describe the actions of Mr.Shontakbaev.