Joe Rogan Gets Exposed to Christian TV Show and He’s Amazed by How Popular It Is

Joe Rogan Gets Exposed to Christian TV Show and He’s Amazed by How Popular It Is

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The Joe Rogan Experience, the most well-known podcast in America, talked about The Chosen’s popularity, bringing it to a new audience.

When discussing the future of entertainment, presenter Joe Rogan and guest Nate Bargatze, a comedian and self-described Christian, lamented the idea that companies like Disney were acquiring its rivals. According to Rogan, there will be a “Substack-type situation where you subscribe to individual items that you like” in the future of entertainment.

Christian Headlines reported these details about Rogan’s comments about the Chosen One:

“There’s a show called The Chosen – you heard of that?” Bargatze said. “No,” Rogan said. Rogan, though, was impressed when he learned about the series and its popularity. “Holy [expletive],” said Rogan, who is known for his salty language.

The Chosen – which is crowdfunded – has succeeded without a Hollywood studio’s support, Bargatze said. Currently in production for its third season, the series tells the story of Jesus and His disciples. It has been streamed worldwide more than 400 million times. “It’s about Jesus,” Bargatzke said, adding that he’s met the producers of the series. “It’s through the roof how many people have watched the show,” he added.

As Rogan and Bargatze discussed The Chosen, someone in the studio loaded the series’ website.

Bargatze would go on to talk about how The Chosen series created its own app and as of now, it has received millions of downloads. Bargatze would continue and say The Chosen is the most popular entertainment project ever crowdfunded. For Season 1 and Season 2, respectively, around $10 million and $12 million were raised.

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Rogan remarked, “That’s wild,” in reference to the show’s fame outside of a studio. “Do you think it refers to a lack of representation of Christian films, or do you think that talks to an opportunity for anyone to do that with any kind of film?” Bargatze said that the Christian aspect of the series contributes to its appeal but speculated that it might be replicated abroad, perhaps even with a “Nate Bargatze app,” he said.

As of right now, The Chosen has had over 400 million views and that number will continue to rise due to the app being free. Dallas Jenkins, the show’s director, has said that “The Chosen” Season 3 will soon be available. According to the Deseret News, Jenkins said he wants his program to continue to respect God. The blank page simply wants me to continue the work I’ve been doing to respect God and the Bible when I sit down in front of it for Season 3.

Jenkins said, “I had the idea that a multiseason show would offer you the opportunity to truly get to know the followers of Jesus and to know Jesus even better. “That’s the thought I had,” The third season of “The Chosen” began production in April of this year.

If you would like to get a taste of what The Chosen is all bout make sure you check out this trailer of the hit show down below: