Korean War Vet Paid 90 Employees During 3 Month Closure Of Business

Korean War Vet Paid 90 Employees During 3 Month Closure Of Business

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Tony Philou, a veteran of the Korean War and the owner of a McDonald’s in Ohio, temporarily closed his fast-food restaurant for much-needed renovations, which meant he had to lay off 90 of his employees for three months. This was a difficult truth to face during an already deteriorating economic climate.

Incredibly, despite being aware of the financial strain that such a shutdown would entail, the centenarian took the initiative to help out. Philou, who came to the United States from Greece when he was a child, paid all of his employees even though the business was closed for several months.

The veteran of the United States Army said making such a choice was not a difficult decision and stated he’s “been in their shoes” before.

Faith Wire had more details to share about Philou’s act of kindness:

Philou said he told his staff, “You’re going to sit home; you’re going to get paid. I’m hoping that you come back with me when I open up the store to run a beautiful store in this lovely community of Mayfield Heights.”

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The profound act of kindness left employees “floored” and “extremely appreciative,” McDonald’s franchise general manager Ed Kocsis told The Washington Post.

Having owned the Mayfield Heights store since 1977, Philou knew it was outdated and in need of renovations. He told Fox Business the franchise location needed repairs “both facility- and equipment-wise” to make it “a better place for the employees to be working.”

In total, Philou has owned seven McDonald’s restaurants and has also been instrumental in the acquisition of four additional franchises by his own staff members.

As was demonstrated, Philou puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that his staff is well taken care of. He stated that one of the reasons he urges his employees to remain with him is because he will take care of them. The kind veteran did not disclose how much money he gave to his workers, but it’s estimated to be well over $100,000.

More than ever, Americans are facing economic difficulties like never before, so acts of kindness such as Philou’s has become very rare. As Christians, we are called to give, but that doesn’t mean we should give money to others. Yes, it’s wonderful to bless others financially, but we can also bless others in various ways.

For example, some people need a listening ear, and others might just need a helping hand with yard work. There’s always something you can give to others, whether you realize it or not. The Lord Jesus gave His ear, His words, His prayers, and His food for people as he walked on the earth. He didn’t stop there, but he went further and gave us his entire life!

Throughout this week, I encourage you to give to others, whether through a word of encouragement or a time of prayer set aside for someone struggling. Give to somebody this week, and you will quickly find out it’s better to give than to receive.