GOD’S GRACE: This Little Girl’s Near-Fatal Fall and Her Visit to Heaven CURED Her Illness

GOD’S GRACE: This Little Girl’s Near-Fatal Fall and Her Visit to Heaven CURED Her Illness

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Was it a miracle from heaven or simply a heartwarming and lovely dream from a sickly little girl’s near death experience? The answer to that question for those of us who believe that miracles are indeed real, already know the answer to that question, especially from children like little Annabel Beam, who’s near death experience gained worldwide attention.

In 2011 young Annabel fell off a huge limb from a massive cottonwood tree, landing head first upside-down, inside the hollowed-out trunk of the tree.

The 30 foot near-fatal fall rendered little Annabel unconscious, and fighting for her life. That horrific moment, instantly altered forever the lives of both little Annabel and her mothers.

Prior to her near-death experience Annabel was a sickly little girl suffering from a multitude of debilitating conditions called antral hypomotility and pseudo-obstruction motility disorders.

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Doctors had already forewarned Annabel’s mom Christy Beam that the prognosis for Annabel’s recovery was grim because her ailments were due to “gastroparesis,” a condition that affects the stomach muscles. They cause extreme pain and bloating after eating, and seldom (if ever) cure themselves with age. Annabel would most likely be on medication for the rest of her life.

Moreover, the constant pain and extreme bloating throughout her childhood also affected Annabel emotionally. She once confided to her mom that she wanted to die and go “to heaven rather than live in constant pain.”

Than came that dreadful day in 2011, when Annabel decided to climb the huge cottonwood tree near her home. Sitting on the thick limb high above the ground, Annabel suddenly lost her balance and plummeted straight down within the hollow of the tree, landing head first.

First responders quickly rushed to the scene; however it would take almost five grueling hours before an emergency fire crew could successfully place a harness around her, and carefully pull her out of the narrow hollow of the tree and onto a waiting helicopter to the hospital.

Incredibly, not only did Annabel survive the terrible fall without injury, the symptoms of her disorders miraculously disappeared.

Annabel claims that in the five frenetic hour’s firefighters worked to rescue her she went to heaven and met Jesus.

Whenever I fell, I saw heaven, and it was really bright, and I saw my MeeMee who had died a couple years back,” Annabel, now 12, told hosts on Fox News.

Since that awful event, her mother says, Annabel hasn’t suffered any gastrointestinal distress.

I believe that I was cured because whenever I went to heaven I asked Jesus if I could stay with him and he said, ‘No Annabel, I have plans for you on Earth,'” Annabel told the Fox hosts. He promised to cure her so she could better carry out his work, she said.

Annabel went on to vividly recall how Jesus looked, telling the Fox News hosts that he had long brown hair and a brown beard and dressed in a white robe.

After examining Annabel, Doctors were at a loss to explain her remarkable recovery; from a medical condition that medical experts claim cannot be cured.

They say that they don’t know, that she shows no more symptoms,” Annabel’s mom exclaimed.

Four years after that traumatic day, Annabel’s mom Christy Beam chronicled the incident in a book she wrote titled “Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing.”

Since the accident, Annabel has not been hospitalized for her digestive disorders, and doctors are still perplexed by her recovery. Mom also revealed since the accident Annabel is now asymptomatic and is currently on zero medications.