Video: Man Thinks Everyone Should Learn This Procedure After the Fire Department and Teammates Save His Life

Video: Man Thinks Everyone Should Learn This Procedure After the Fire Department and Teammates Save His Life

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Many lives have been saved over time via mouth-to-mouth or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This action is also known as CPR, and it is used when someone’s heart stops beating. The critical procedure can make the difference between life or death in some cases and can double or triple the chances of survival – despite a few broken ribs in the process.

This brings us to a man who was saved via CPR firsthand and is alive and well today to let others know they should take up lessons in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Bruce Tronolone is finally back home and safe grateful to be alive and well, in the wake of staying almost seven days and nights in the emergency hospital recuperating from a heart failure. Tronolone imploded while he was playing hockey at the Sylvania Tam0shanter on Sunday.

“I lost my heartbeat for almost five minutes” he explained.

Thankfully, there were a few people in the right place at the right time who just so happened to know the correct procedure and saved Tronolone. Lieutenant Jim Schulty with Toledo fire turned out to be close by, alongside other individuals who knew how to deal with such a crisis.

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As I’ve said many times, things don’t just ‘‘work out’’ like this; God’s influence and will can be seen throughout this story and others like it. Lieutenant Schulty and some teammates of Tronolone sprung into action and urgently began CPR, while others got the close-by aid kit. Inside around 5 minutes, Bruce was beginning to come to and became responsive again.

“I just was concerned for our hockey friend there, as were his teammates! Like I said it was such a tremendous group effort!” said Lieutenant Schulty.

Tronolon on the other hand can’t seem to remember much. Things are just sort of a haze for him, but none of that matters because he’s just thankful and happy to see another day.

“I don’t remember the event, but I remember being in the ER, really distressed really kind of holding on. I realized it wasn’t good” he said.

While the circumstance had quite a positive outcome, it’s rapidly turning into a brilliant illustration of why CPR is so crucial. Lieutenant Schulty assumed command over the circumstance, however before he arrived on the scene, various others on the ice rink knew what to do, and had previously begun performing CPR. Toledo Fire Chief Allison Armstrong said consistently CPR isn’t being performed when somebody is blacked out, and this strongly decreases their chance of surviving.

Tronolone and his whole family are extraordinarily thankful his teammates knew the precisely exact thing to do during the crisis, and that Lieutenant Schulty was perfectly located with God’s timing.

“You know they prevented my heart from having major damage from being without a pulse for that period of time!” said Tronolone. “These guys will be connected to me for the rest of my life. So, it’s just an amazing story and it’s emotional! Because it was close you know it could have gone the other way”