New Poll Finds That People Are Making Around 5 New Friends from Playing Video Games

New Poll Finds That People Are Making Around 5 New Friends from Playing Video Games

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Sometimes we paint people who play video games in such a way that may not be fair. We might think that they are lonely, weird, or even nerdy. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and a new poll indicates they may have more friends than us in adulthood.

Playing video games, be it on console or PC master race, can actually assist some people with making new, life-long friends.

The everyday American has made an estimated five new friends via playing online video games on PC or console (not Farmville on Facebook.) A survey indicated that by playing games throughout the course of a few months, they are bound to run into someone who they might connect with and strike a friendship.

The study of 2,000 grown-ups found that 39% of them have seen an expansion in their web-based friend’s list since the pandemic first started, with the normal gamer turning out to be quite close with their new buddies that they’d welcome four of them to their real-life wedding.

Many online games such as massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) require communication for tougher content. One such game called Final Fantasy 14 is a prime example. This massive game of over 35 million registered users all over the world has helped many people connect. In this game, you play in a fantasy world as the warrior of light, working together with other players who’re also warriors of light to take down the evil enemies who seek to cause chaos. The story is rich, and people adore it for the music, gameplay, and adventure.

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In this example, you may get people who strike up bonds and create memories through the game. Friendships may last a lifetime, and even when a newcomer arrives in their guild or group, they can almost instantly get to know one another from the common ground that they all like the video game. The game features an instant message feature, common in MMOs where you can communicate with others, personal message others, and make plans for your adventures.

Besides newfound friendships, almost 50% of gamers (46%) accept that it is critical that their ‘soul mates’ play games with them as well, and 43% had dated someone that they met through such online-based gaming platforms.

64% of respondents said that they loved their video games since they assisted them with feeling less forlorn and helped to associate with others. Similarly, as numerous respondents said purchasing another game causes them to feel as if they’re permitting themselves to be more happy or joyful.

Commissioned by World of Warships and conducted by OnePoll, the review likewise uncovered that games have assisted around six out of ten individuals with learning something more about our real world.

75% of gamers would have done some sort of true real-world examination on the games they play, and 57% consider themselves experts on the points they research, on the basis of video games.

This leads to the fact that as long as you aren’t becoming a couch potato, and keep a healthy balance, games shouldn’t be looked on with shame, nor is it fair for us to think the person playing the games needs to grow up. If someone’s genuinely having fun, making friends, and able to talk without having their otherwise panic or anxiety attacks, I’m all for it, game on!