North Carolina’s Basketball Coach Gives Jesus Credit

North Carolina’s Basketball Coach Gives Jesus Credit

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Hubert Davis, the head coach of the North Carolina men’s basketball team, is in his very first season with the Tar Heels and couldn’t be more pleased with his team.

The University of North Carolina is in the midst of an incredible NCAA Tournament run, which has taken them all the way to their first Final Four appearance in five seasons. In 2017, they captured their sixth national title, and this is their first participation in the Final Four since that victory.

Davis, who was a member of the Tar Heels from 1988 to 1992, was overtaken with emotion following the team’s victory in the NCAA Tournament. “I simply wanted this for them so badly,” he said. “I adore these gentlemen. They put their faith in me throughout my first year, enabled me to train them, and allowed me to be a part of their lives.”

He then went on to say, “I’m here as a result of their efforts. It has nothing to do with coaching; it’s all about them, and I’m simply crying tears of pleasure for the opportunity to be in their life.” After the game, Davis was questioned about the North Carolina coaches under whom he had previously played and the beneficial impression they had had on him.

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According to CBN he then went on to give Jesus glory and was quoted saying:

“One of the things that I do is pray all of the time that Jesus would put good people in my kids’ life, like Coach Smith, Coach Guthridge and Coach Williams,” Davis said. “People that genuinely care for you, that there’s no hidden agenda, they’re genuinely on your side.”

“My faith and foundation is firmly in my relationship with Jesus. It just is. And my mother was a Christian and she begged me to go to church growing up. And I didn’t want to go. I wasn’t interested in it. My mom used to always say that Jesus had a plan for me, plans for hope and a future, plans not to harm you, plans to prosper you — Jeremiah 29:11. And at the time growing up, I didn’t understand it and I didn’t listen to it.”

Davis’ mother ended up passing away while he was only 16 years old. When his mother passed away Davis stated that he started to have hatred toward God but when he started to play basketball underneath Dean Smith that all changed.

Former North Carolina men’s basketball coach Dean Smith made all of his players go to church. Davis would continue to go to church and during his Junior year, he fully gave his life to the Lord and became a Christian.

Davis now the head coach of the Tar Heels, doesn’t just share his basketball knowledge with his players but he also finds time to share his faith too. He considers his heading coaching job as “missionary work” because he gets to be an influential leader to young men on a daily basis.

I once went to a church that had a sign outside their doors that read “Once you leave these doors you are now a missionary” so now as you are finishing this article be a missionary and share your faith with others.