Pharmacy Employee Pays Medication Bill for a Complete Stranger

Pharmacy Employee Pays Medication Bill for a Complete Stranger

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In a world of chaos, we’ve got people who are kind, and through all the darkness their lights shine through. Often times the light is part of their moral compass given to them through the Holy Spirit. For example, we recently came to you with the young woman from H-E-B who said that she felt pushed and heard a voice in her head to pay for a grandma’s groceries who she didn’t know. She fully believed that was the Holy Spirit talking to her.

Even if the person isn’t a born-again Christian, or believes in God, there are still kind people who are just good Samaritans. It’s these people who prove to the world that we’re not gone as a species yet. Faith can be restored in humanity, all you have to do is take your nose out of the portable screens we all have that shout bad news and look right in front of you.

Lenie Ford from Santa Barbara was in the most excruciating pain of her life when she showed up at her neighborhood drug store, however, she was unable to pay for her prescription. Fortunately, a sympathetic worker was on the clock and running the sales register that day.

“I was in literally thee worst pain. I could not form a thought,” Lenie said. “Even having a baby hurt less.”

The scenario unfolded on June 4 when she arrived at the CVS drug store at 3939 State Street and found she didn’t have the “piece of paper from the emergency room” telling her she was briefly covered for the prescription to help treat the infection in her tooth.

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“I only had about 4 bucks on me. I simply broke down, and cried,” she said. “This incredibly warm pharmacist saw my agony just engulfing me. That’s when I heard her say, softly, with much kindness, ‘l’ll cover it.’”

This is heartwarming news, and for all we know it could have been incredibly vital to the health of Lenie since the most lethal effect of untreated tooth root infection is sepsis. Sepsis occurs when the infection has spread through to the entire bloodstream and causes the immune system to trigger a system-wide inflammation that can tear your organs and block arteries – causing an unruly death.

Drug store expert Verena Harris then, at that point, arrived over the counter and swiped her own personal Mastercard, paying the med bill in full.

Lenie was appreciative, to say the least, and when Ms. Harris was asked if she had done something like this previously as well, she glanced around the room before smiling, and with a slight nod, and a wise-knowing look said “Yea.”

Lenie wanted to express just how grateful she was adding: “I can say with great humble thanks how much I truly appreciated the kind, very generous offer from this perfect stranger.”

Verena responded by saying that some people just need some extra help, and she just can’t bear to watch someone in pain the way Lenie was. Verna was offered to be paid back for her kind act, which was around 15 to 20 bucks. However, she refused multiple times saying “Absolutely not.”