Police Trooper Gives a Shoulder and Ear to Man Who Was Going to Take His Own Life

Police Trooper Gives a Shoulder and Ear to Man Who Was Going to Take His Own Life

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A Police Trooper from the state of Massachusetts came to the aid of a more than upset man on the Tobin Bridge Saturday evening after effectively persuading him not to throw his life away.

A report published by the CDC says from the years 2000 through to 2020 shows that the suicide rates were an easy three to four times more for males when compared to females across this period, with both sexes having what seem to be lower rates in 2020 when compared to 2018 and 2019. 

For males, suicide rates in the higher age groups have declined, and for younger ages as low as 10 years old through to young adulthood, the rates have increased. And for females, it seems as though the same could generally be said with younger age groups increasing and older age groups slowing down on the act, and what’s more is that with males and females, firearm suicides have become the number one means to commit the act, and replaced the old way – poison.

That’s quite the eye-opener, so when officers do things like this (which should be a normal thing for humans to be able to do for one another,) I think it’s a good idea to shed light on it. Especially given the fact that the media takes any chance they get to paint our men in blue in another light (or color) – red, probably.

When officers and firemen from Boston and Chelsea answered the call at 12:04 p.m. for a man edging closer to a leap on top of the southward upper deck. Answering watches announced that the man had gotten over the obstruction and was on the edge of the bridge, contemplating taking the final leap.

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Sergeant Peter Sennott, Trooper Randy Roach, and Trooper Paul O’ Connor cooperated to lay out trust and speak with the troubled man, and not long after noon, Trooper O’ Connor persuaded the man to return back over the wall to the street side of the bridge. Officer O’Connor then took a seat with the man and had a heart-to-heart with him for quite some time – until EMS arrived and took him to a Boston medical clinic for assessment.

“We wish him recovery and a safe and healthy future,” the department said in the Facebook post.

Huge numbers of individuals commented on the post thanking the officers.

One person online wrote: “Thank you, sir for not only helping this man, but for being there for him until he could be safe, and for consoling him.”

“It takes a special person to save someone with their words. Well done troopers & I hope this gentleman gets the help he needs,” another wrote.

This is awesome news and I for one tip my hats in the officers’ direction – great job guys. You’ve made a world of a difference, and this is just one person, and one day – imagine all the officers all over who have multiple interactions a day. These men and women change the lives of multitudes more than we like to give them credit for, and sure we’ve got some bad apples out there, but don’t let the few tarnish your view of the bunch. God bless them all.