“Praise the Lord!” – This Young Red-Wing Boy Has Gotten Some Positive News in Spite of a Horrible Boating Accident

“Praise the Lord!” – This Young Red-Wing Boy Has Gotten Some Positive News in Spite of a Horrible Boating Accident

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This mother has been very thankful to God and keeping her prayers up as her son recovers from a terrible accident. Often reciting Psalm 31:24 which says “Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” In other words, place all your trust in God and he’ll give you the strength you need to do pretty much whatever you need, and in this case, it is a lot.

That is because there is currently a young Red Wing kid whose been in intensive care at St. Mary’s Hospital for a while in the wake of being involved with a too close for comfort scenario that could have cost him his life on Friday.

Be that as it may, his mother continues to pray and look at the positive sides of things. Keeping an upbeat attitude about everything and knowing that the Lord is working.

The accident happened when the 5-year-old kid was with his three siblings and their dad on a summer fishing trip on the Mississippi River in Red Wing when the boat was hit by a barge and became disabled, according to the Goodhue County Shariff’s Office.

During the big panic, the father was able to quickly find three of his children, but Vincent was nowhere to be found. Luckily they were able to soon locate him thanks to the summer shoes he was wearing on the fishing trip.

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His mother Rachel Koenig expressed “Vincent was stuck underneath and thank goodness he was wearing shoes with orange bottoms. Jeremy spotted his shoes and was able to find him. It is unknown how long Vincent was submerged underwater.”

There were observers who dashed in to help out by giving mouth-to-mouth CPR to the child until paramedics arrived on the scene and the boy was urgently transported to Rochester. His mother who was probably the most worried of anyone said she was told that he didn’t have a heartbeat for 45 minutes.

However, glory to God he’s still around and will live to tell the tale. While he’s still in the hospital recuperating he’s going to be able to walk away from this accident, and that’s more than enough.

Presently, he has begun walking therapy. It’s been tough at times, and emotional, but slowly he’s pulling through. He’s able to walk through the halls and has made a lot of progress within the last three days.

His mother full of mixed emotions has posted updates on social media reading: “CPR works! God is good! Vincent’s brain scans are normal! He has no brain injury. This is the best news we could have asked for and his team was so excited to tell us! Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying and supporting us during this tragedy. We love you! We felt every prayer for our family.”

They celebrated his huge accomplishment of walking the halls by the family getting together at the hospital and enjoying some chocolate ice cream – which just so happens to be the first actual food he’s been able to eat since the accident.

Koenig added that she will always remember how his eyes seemed to light up when they asked if he’d like some ice cream.