Siblings Rediscover Each Other After Being So Close Yet So Far Apart

Siblings Rediscover Each Other After Being So Close Yet So Far Apart

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Finding lost members to our family tree or inquiring about where we came from is often something that people like to look up via ancestry. However, the score for correctly matching people or family members is high for those skeptical.

In fact, per pursuing your DNA is the initial phase in producing your Ancestry DNA results. Accuracy is exceptionally high with regards to pursuing hundreds of thousands of positions (or markers) in your DNA. An accuracy rate of over 99% for every marker tested was by and large. The story you’re about to read utilized this service and helps demonstrate how useful it can be to find that long-lost family member you may or may not know.

They shared the same dad, are the same exact age, and have lived in the same city for upwards of 30 years; however, neither knew of the other. 

They have been brought into the world from different moms and separated at birth through awful circumstances 51 years ago. They’ve re-discovered one another as of late, be that as it may, after a DNA test, and it’s absolutely eerie just how much they have in common with each other.

Their children even both graduated around the same time from the identical high school in Las Vegas, with both sisters going to the graduation and video recording the event from different angles.

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Michele Dugan was the person who went to child care and was subsequently adopted, while her sister, Trish Morgan, stayed with the dad and Trish’s birth mom. Quite a while back, Michele concluded that it was time she found out where she had come from and looked to Ancestry. Then, amazingly, she got a message from a lady named Trish requesting to meet for espresso.

The two immediately recognized their relative bond.

“It was like looking at a ghost,” said Morgan. “The blue eyes, the hair, everything. So I couldn’t stop staring at her. Like, you’re definitely my sister—for sure 1,000 percent.”

They then spent the next few hours chatting about their lives while sipping their hot beverages, catching up to speed on all the lost years. Both were flabbergasted not just by how their children were similar in age and attending the same school but that the two of them had a background in real estate.

Michelle was something of a Las Vegas real estate legend, having worked in the business for nearly 25 years, while Trish had signed up for real estate school but hadn’t received her accreditation yet. This common career path made teaming up the obvious next step.

Michele urged Trish to get her certification, and together they’d soon launch ‘Sisters Selling Vega’s’ for the Realty ONE Group.

“It was the universe talking,” said Michele, who was at somewhat of a low point in her life,” she continued. “I was so busy. I remember saying to someone, ‘I need another me. I need someone who really likes to work and cater to clients and is not just in it for the paycheck, but in it for all the right reasons.’ And there she is! We just came into each other’s life at the absolute perfect time.”

Sisters Selling Vegas reportedly completed over 40 transactions with more than $10 million in gross sales in 2021. Since the two young ladies grew up with only brothers, this lends to their new relationship being even more delightful.

“I always wanted a sister—always,” said Morgan.