Social Media Comes to the Rescue Again, This Time To Help a Toddler

Social Media Comes to the Rescue Again, This Time To Help a Toddler

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A toddler in Monroe, Wisconsin, has been brought back together with his most cherished fluffy friend after losing him somewhere in a carnival in Green Bay. Last month, Theresa Robertson and her family were on a setting up camp excursion when “Sammie Sloth” out of nowhere disappeared.

“I broke my usual Sammie Sloth doesn’t leave the house rule and brought him with us,” Robertson said.

The family visited Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay and Robertson let her toddler son Everett bring Sammie along for the vehicle ride. However, by the time the hustle and bustle settled down and the fun ended, the family noticed that Everett’s favorite sloth buddy, Sammie was mysteriously absent.

“We thought maybe he got tossed in a bag or something so we didn’t panic right away. When we got home and completely turned the camper inside out and there was no Sammie,” Robertson said.

After making a mess of their camper and cleaning everything out only to find no Sammie, she took to social media to ask for help.

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“If anyone visiting Bay Beach Amusement Park or Lambeau Field on Thursday, July 28th found this sloth lovie anywhere, please contact me! We’re not sure where it was last seen. It was Everett’s first Christmas present and he takes it everywhere and sleeps with it every night,” she wrote in the post, tagging two areas the family visited that day.

Her post soon spread like wildfire and was shared more than 3,300 times.

After several hours, somebody informed Robertson that they had seen Sammie in a parking area. Robertson reached the recreation area, yet there was no indication of Sammie in their lost and found or in the grounds carport.

“I let them know where he had been sighted and a little while later I got a picture of Sammie safe and sound,” she said. “A worker had placed him on a fence post in case whoever lost him returned.”

Before Robertson was able to begin preparing to make the 3-hour drive to Green Bay, a Good Samaritan proposed to drive Sammie home.

“A very kind woman who lives near the park was going to be traveling to our town in Monroe, WI for a family reunion and offered to escort Sammie home!” Robertson said.

“Thanks to someone who remembered seeing him, thank you to everyone who shared, thank you to Bay Beach Amusement Park for driving around and finding him setting on a fence post, and THANK YOU to whoever put him there!” Robertson wrote in a report on her Facebook post.

This is one heartwarming example showing that social media can be used for good. While it might seem insignificant to some people – particularly those without children, losing a toddler’s favorite stuffed animal can be a big deal. I remember once years ago my daughter lost her favorite stuffed turtle purchased from Toys R Us a few years before they all shut down, and for months she was disappointed and sad. We weren’t fortunate enough like the family in this story to find it, so we purchased a new one for her on Christmas, and when she opened it she started crying and holding it tight. I’ll never forget that day.