Spotlight at Wedding Taken by 2 Year Old Who Ran down the Aisle to Greet His Mom

Spotlight at Wedding Taken by 2 Year Old Who Ran down the Aisle to Greet His Mom

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Walking down the aisle may simply be the greatest second for any bride, however, for Kristie Mihelich from Troy, Michigan, it was a phenomenal occasion she will most likely never forget.

Mihelich was preparing to be wed to Bobby Mihelich on April 22 at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan, when Pierson, their 2 year old son, accidentally stole the spotlight. The moment he saw his mother show up at the end of the aisle, Pierson let out a huge shout and immediately ran towards her. It was a charming and delightful moment caught on camera by the wedding photographer and Mihelich’s best friend.

“They both saw me down at the aisle and their jaws dropped and he said, ‘Huh?’ like he was like, ‘Hi mom!’ and he shook both of his hands vigorously and then he just bolted toward me,” Mihelich told GMA.

“It was the sweetest thing. I thought that he would just stand there and wait for me but no, he was running to his mommy.”

Pierson’s mom then shared the video on Instagram last week and from that point forward, has been overwhelmed with messages and comments.

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“The more it gets shared, the happier I am because we need happy things in life right now,” she said. “It was just like a dream come true. I mean, I couldn’t have painted a better picture for a perfect day. And literally, it was like a movie,”

Mihelich said seeing Pierson’s response was more than she could have ever asked for. Telling GMA she had no idea that Pierson, whose nickname is Piercy, would react the way he did.

“We were always planning on having Pierson as the ring bearer because he is such an outgoing, charismatic, just natural little entertainer, and we thought this would be just the perfect role for him. The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, it wasn’t really going that way,” Mihelich said. “He really just wanted to run around the venue and sort of just be a two-year-old.”

“I was like, it’s probably not going to be but that’s totally okay because he’s here. It’s gonna happen naturally, how it’s supposed to,” she continued. “Well, gratefully, he definitely, in his little showmanship way, he did a wonderful job and surprised us all with the happiest reaction to me, seeing me dressed up.”

Pierson kept the fun coming after his parents tied the knot too.

“He was so happy that he couldn’t contain himself. He just ran down the aisle at me and I honestly have never felt a more sweeter moment in my entire life. And I’ll never forget that feeling,” Mihelch said “After we had dinner, and like I was saying, he’s like a little performer. He ate his dinner and headed straight to the dance floor and he did not leave the dance floor dancing until midnight,” his mom continued with a laugh.

Mihelich said they’re preparing to party with her son, Pierson at the end of this week when he turns 3 years old.

“In 2019, he was born on Derby Day. So this Saturday is also Derby Day so we’re going to celebrate,” the delighted mom said. “His birthday is tomorrow but we’re going to celebrate on Derby Day and get dressed up and a bunch of people are coming. We’re doing the fascinators and the dresses and we’ll celebrate his birthday.”