VIDEO: Teen With Cancer Has Her Dream Come True on Her Big Day

VIDEO: Teen With Cancer Has Her Dream Come True on Her Big Day

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Diagnosed with stage four brain cancer, Bailey Jones, 19 years old had one wish that towered over all the others. Her dream wedding, knowing this and the circumstances the local area replied by moving forward to assist her with her wish and began to arrange the entire wedding, which only took around fourteen days.

Daniel Pinson was the groom to be, he noted while he was quite anxious, he was more than prepared to wed his first true love.

“It feels good!” Pinson clamored. “I get like this tingle in my body. Bailey is such a blessing. I decided I’m going to marry her, and I did it right before God. She’s been there through the ups and downs. She brought me out of my darkest times and made me a better man.”

While Bailey fights cancer, Pinson makes sure that it is known that it hasn’t been simple. The young 19-year-old found out about the crippling finding toward the end of May following quite a bit of testing. Pinson proposed on Thursday, June 2 and the wedding crept soon after on June 20, on a Monday.

“It’s been hard. I don’t get sleep. I don’t eat a lot,” Pinson described. “My goal is to make sure she’s okay and has a good life.”

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What a stand-up guy, and with morals like that I’m sure he’s got a very bright future ahead of him. He’s promised these very things and wanted to begin with the perfect wedding. Throughout recent weeks, Bailey has lost the strength to walk on her own. However, that didn’t stop her from enjoying her big day. Dad stepped in to make sure his baby girl was able to walk the aisle, assisting her every step of the way.

“Seeing her, that’s my first daughter that I’ve walked down the aisle. It was special. The main thing I want Bailey to know is how proud we are of her and to stay positive,” he said.

Before the wheels started turning in this ceremony, Ernest made time for a very memorable moment. He had his back turned, while Bailey was in her wheelchair. She then tapped his shoulder dressed up in her outfit. Ernest broke down crying in front of everyone as he embraced his little girl, sharing how delightful she looked and how blissful he was for the special day.

For Pinson and Bailey, it was a dream come true, sharing that it felt significantly better to be hitched, with the entire local area gathered and supporting them. Bailey said that she couldn’t imagine her adoration for her now-husband but is so enamored and has a decent outlook on the wedding. When asked what her favorite part of the whole thing was, she simply said: “Walking down the aisle.”

During the wedding, there was even a moment for prayer where family and friends alike went to the Lord asking for a miracle, and after things calmed down everyone got to sign a visitor book. Everyone who signed additionally pinned a gray ribbon to their outfits on the side to support cancer awareness.

Looking forward, Bailey started therapy and will go through chemotherapy and radiation for somewhere around a month and a half but has plans beyond just chemo. She is looking forward to traveling to the Bahamas soon, assuming she’s feeling up to it.