The World and Even Christians Don’t Look to Jesus for Masculinity but They Should – Here’s Why

The World and Even Christians Don’t Look to Jesus for Masculinity but They Should – Here’s Why

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Far too often, we see that the world and even some Christians don’t think of masculinity when they think about Jesus. Instead, they often picture him looking sad or thin and weak. I’ve heard people question that if he is so powerful and almighty, why did he allow himself to be tortured and crucified.

An article speaks about living in Christ and walking according to God’s Word. This article talks about how living according to the Word made people see him as a sissy or girly. He was told that the world would eat him up and spit him out because his gentleness and kindness were seen as weak and unmanly.

He didn’t date in high school but kept to his studies and used his time wisely. People began to create rumors asking if he even liked girls at all. These sorts of things followed him even until college. Later, he realizes that the world and some Christians have it backward.

Christians tend to think that people in the Bible like David or Samson were strong and on an outward appearance; sure, they could be labeled that very easily. Taking down a giant with just a stone toss can be looked at as power or manly. However, if we read the Word, it says that the Lord chose David. No one believed David could defeat Goliath because he was just a shepherd – looking after some sheep.

You might say God knew what he was doing when he chose David for the job. Would God have chosen him by mistake, or did he know what he was doing, and if God knew, doesn’t that mean he might be powerful? Some might still say no. Some might say that this is nothing more than him using knowledge – and that still doesn’t hold masculinity.

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Well, if you’re all about power in this world and only believe what you see as masculinity, then we can look to the Bible again. Jesus was at first a carpenter. Back then, as we could all guess, they didn’t have the tools or technology we have today. This means carpenters would have tons of work to do by hand. Lots of lifting, throwing, just a lot of manual labor. Someone like that would not be thin or weak, as depicted on the candles you see in your local grocery store. However, there might be someone who still says that it is just a job and not masculine.

Well, what does the definition of masculinity say? It says, “qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men. Handsome, muscled, and driven, he’s a prime example of masculinity” Let’s go one step further. If we look at the definition of manliness, it says: “The traditional male quality of being brave and strong.”

So far, we’ve hit those definitions on pretty much Jesus just being a carpenter, but that might not satisfy some people. So, let’s look deeper.

When Jesus walked this earth before the crucifixion, the devil himself tempted Jesus multiple times. The devil even tried throwing the Word at Jesus. However, Jesus responded with the Word because the devil was taking it out of context to tempt Jesus. He didn’t fall into the devil’s temptation. I’d say this would be strong and full of drive.

What about when Jesus was Crucified? He was beaten, whipped, and made an example of. He knew this was coming, and he let it happen. He could have easily called down a thousand angels to rescue him and fight those torturing him. Instead, he turned his cheek and let God’s will be done. In truth, he let it happen for me, you, and everyone. Our sin was and is so great that he was the only way we could be saved from it. Any other person might get angry and try to fight back and rebel against the things being done to them. They would go down, but not without a fight. However, Jesus displays immense power here, laying his life down, and not so much as arguing about it and even asking God to forgive the people.

Jesus will one day return, and he won’t come back weak and frail or be tortured again. He’ll come back to war against the devil, his demons, and those who made war with him. He created the universe, made all things as they are, and people have the gall to call him weak or say he’s not masculine? What about us obeying him? Some like to think we are forced to obey him. Well, no, we’re not manipulated in the slightest, he doesn’t want us to end up in hell, but he gives us free will and choice. He is again showing his will and drive and love as well.

The fact is, he could easily overpower anything or anyone. He could easily bend things to his will and force the universe as he wants. But, instead, he lets things flow as they will. He gave us authority over the earth. He is long-suffering that we all come to him, and he will never give up on us. That right there is strength to me. Any person on earth will have a limit (even the manliest of men.) Even your beloved spouses will leave you after you mess up too many times, but Jesus never leaves us. He could have destroyed all of humanity and started over, but he didn’t. Now, we have a bow in the sky – the rainbow – and its real meaning is that he would never flood the earth again as in those days. Jesus is masculine, and you only need to open your Bible to see the numerous examples of it.