Watch: This Captain Takes Time to Write a Sweet Note for a Child on His Plane

Watch: This Captain Takes Time to Write a Sweet Note for a Child on His Plane

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It is always nice to see when people go out of their way to help, encourage, or just show human emotion towards another person. Especially if the person going out of their way has an important role such as a police officer, a fireman, or like Captain Josh, whose role is an airplane captain.

The heartwarming story comes as a young girl realized right after landing that she had lost one of her teeth on board the plane and was frantic to find and get it back.

A passing captain noticed the six-year-old sobbing as he walked by, and with his cap, coat, and epaulets, stepped in to write a note to the Tooth Fairy making sure she understood why the young girl didn’t have her tooth anymore and how she accidentally lost it.

Laura and Lena Larmon were at the last stop of a long travel period, with a return leg from Norway to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport over in South Carolina and was interrupted in New York with a more than a day-long delay – 36 hours to be exact.

After a grueling long journey, they eventually stepped off the plane which must have felt amazing especially when they got a full stretch in. Everything was looking up, and they would finally be on their way until another interruption happened.

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Once at the baggage claim area, little Lena noticed she lost a tooth but didn’t know where it was.

“We tried to walk back to the airplane, but security was closed. It was 2 a.m.,” Laura, Lena’s mother said that poor little Lena was “crying and very emotional,” upon finding out that she lost her tiny tooth, and she wouldn’t be able to put it under her pillow at night when the tooth fairy visits.

That’s when United Airlines Captain Josh Duchow noticed what was going on. He took the time to stop what he was doing, walk over and stepped up to the plate to help the poor little girl.

With his captain’s bearing and in official uniform, there would be no question that a speedy handwritten letter from an official captain would be overlooked by the tooth fairy, and that the note from “Captain Josh” would suffice for the tooth fairy’s records and prompt a later visit.

Duchow who piloted the flight improvising on a whim wrote: “Dear Tooth Fairy, Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth.”

Of course, any parent would take the opportunity to record any precious moment that involved their child, and that’s what Laura did. She later shared the story on social media such as Facebook and Instagram as a break from “a world of bad airline stories.”

Smart move on her part, as we could all use good stories due to the constant bad ones, and not just from the airlines, but from all over. United Airlines made an official statement on Duchow’s actions saying: “We’re proud to see moments like this that underscore our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers and creating an airline where Good Leads the Way.”