WATCH: This Couple’s Big Day Was Saved by Islanders Despite Running into Disaster Around Every Corner

WATCH: This Couple’s Big Day Was Saved by Islanders Despite Running into Disaster Around Every Corner

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Oftentimes in TV shows, we see episodes where a couple plans a wedding and everything seems to go wrong. Something might happen where someone who wasn’t supposed to be there shows up, something horrendous happens to the dress, or someone gets cold feet. These episodes are usually a fun part of the series that add a lot of comedic value.

However, people take it seriously when it comes to the big ‘I do’ day. Specifically the women, and who could blame them. It’s a momentous day. Things usually turn out pretty great in real-life weddings, and sometimes in the TV shows, and for this couple, things also turned out good after a long string of unfortunate events that would make for a TV series.

Paul and his now-wife Amanda Riesel showed up the night before their big day with just some flowers and their wedding bands after their flight was redirected and postponed. Seems like a lot of stories that go on a wild ride start with the airlines messing up somewhere.

Issues began arising when the couple from Orlando, Florida experienced their crucial flight to the UK being redirected over to Philadelphia. Which in turn led to a chain of stops delaying their plans even more.

They were now making stops to London Heathrow and Inverness, along with others adding up to a 4,000-mile venture. The couple wound up spending a total of three nights trapped in air terminals, and what’s more, is that their bags and luggage vanished along the way.

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Paul expressed: “All of us had breakdowns along the way. It was delay, delay, delay.”

Eventually, they arrived at Skye around 23:00 on Monday, the night before their big wedding.

The couple was just about at their wit’s end and ready to call things off, take the L, and go back home. However, that didn’t sit well with their photographer Rosie. She proposed to try and save the momentous event which has been two years in the making.

“I let them know I was certain I could make this work, and Skye is an astounding spot,” said Rosie.

That’s when their photographer from Skye, Rosie Woodhouse began asking islanders on social media for help. She presented an allure on a Skye social media platform and by 7:30 on Tuesday she had been overwhelmed with offers to help.

“We had a full kilt set for Paul and a delightful wedding dress for Amanda,” she said.

Amanda who had lost all hope began to feel the love and regain her optimism back. She said that thanks to the community of Skye and Rosie, this day – her special day – was saved.

“Our perfectly imperfect wedding was only a possibility because of Rosie and the wonderful folks in Skye. Fate had a hand in our happy day because the local Broadford Primary dinner lady, Theresa, was the owner of my dress and I’m also a dinner lady back home,” she continued. “Wearing it meant even more to me knowing it came from someone who loves and feeds her students just like I do.”

Despite the grueling 4000-mile venture, and what seemed to be all the wrong turns taken, the community of Skye came together with the photographer who went above and beyond to stir things up in just the right way. Making sure that things turned out well for the couple – and they couldn’t be happier.

Amanda had one last thing to say after everything was complete:

“Every single person Rosie introduced us to and that offered to help will forever have a place in our hearts. The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell anyone who will listen that they are the reason our love was cemented into a perfectly imperfect wedding day.”