This Furry Companion Is Safe Back Home Again After the Community Came Together To Find Him

This Furry Companion Is Safe Back Home Again After the Community Came Together To Find Him

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A 6-year-old chihuahua from Florida is back home after being tracked down by a family in South Carolina. On July 17, Jean Powers was engaged in a mishap on Interstate 77 in Chester County, South Carolina.

Following the accident, her cute little furry companion became frightened and ran away into the woods nearby.

“He had darted into the woods and we just couldn’t find him,” said T. Melton, chief at Richburg Fire & Rescue. “It was dark.”

Powers, 87, initially adopted the puppy and brought the canine home to be a part of the family a long time back and the two have been inseparable from that point onward.

Powers and relatives looked for quite a long time for the pup, but to no avail were they not able to locate it. Firemen and volunteers began pitching in and helping to look as well. Chester County Animal Control helped with a humane trap that was put close to the site where the accident occurred in hopes of luring the scared dog into it so that it can be returned to Powers.

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Powers herself remained in Chester County for quite a long time as she was worried sick about her furry companion. However, after waiting in Chester County for days on end, the pup eventually returned home to her.

Richburg Fire and Rescue posted about the missing canine on its Facebook page. The word spread like wildfire as the post was shared, and soon the entire community was on the lookout for the missing little dog.

Chiwhawhas are already so small, and can oftentimes all look identical, so finding this one had to be a challenge. Not only that, but it had also run into the thick of the woods. However, social media and the community worked together for the greater good in helping reunite this puppy and her mommy.

On Aug. 2 – more than two weeks after the pup initially went missing, a lady called the local group of firefighters. She worked at the BP station close to the expressway and told how a Chester County couple had seen the social media postings all over and believed they had found the missing dog which had cautiously entered their house.

Animal Control officials and firemen hurried to the home of Amber Moore to check whether the puppy’s microchip matched the owner.

“Sure enough, it was the same dog,” Melton said.

Goofuss (what a fitting name!) was taken to Florida the following day and reunited with Powers.

“Thanks to the extra efforts and kindness of Amber Moore and Chance Millwood, the message made it out!” the fire station wrote in a Facebook post.

“We met with the family and Animal Control came out to verify things. The microchip was scanned and the owner is soon to be reunited with her baby!! Once again, the amazing people in our community come through!”

Powers said in a Facebook post that her prayers had been answered with Goofuss being found and returned home to her safe and sound where the two can continue their happy days together.