WATCH: This Man Was Gifted a New Vehicle After Saving a Total Stranger from Train Tracks

WATCH: This Man Was Gifted a New Vehicle After Saving a Total Stranger from Train Tracks

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Some people around have no other choice but to bare the heat, rain, cold, and all weather to get to their destination. This could be school, work, or to the grocery store. Anthony Perry was one such individual.

The 20-year-old was no stranger to taking two busses and a train to get to his job with Amazon Fresh out of Oak Lawn. Yet, on Monday, his travels were interrupted at the CTA’s 69th Street Red Line station, where he helped a man who had wound up on the tracks – saving his life.

Wednesday, Perry was respected and honored for his selfless actions by Early Walker, pioneer behind the association I’m Telling Don’t Shoot, as well as by the police department in Chicago.

“We know gas prices are high, so we wanted to give you this gas card,” said Early Walker, gifting Anthony Perry a $25 gasoline card.

Perry was taken by surprise, and with a smile responded with: “Oh man, thank you, I appreciate it.”

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However, Perry doesn’t have a functioning vehicle, but this was just a prelude of what was yet to come. All of a sudden, the blaring of a tow truck somewhere far off announced an even larger gift from Walker.

Sitting high on the truck was a 2009 Audi A8.

“What?” Perry shouted, his hand covering his face in shock. “Oh boy…I love it.”

A few officials from CPD’s third District likewise went to the show, across the road from Meyering Park, 7140 S. Lord Drive, close to Perry’s granddad’s home. Roderick Watson, Commander said it was critical for officials to show their support for the young hero.

“This is what we need more of. Police can’t be everywhere at all times,” Commander said. “This is a perfect example of what we need out here to help support our efforts. Now, we have a citizen who actually took charge, jumped in and should be recognized…Maybe later on what we can do is pull him to the side and recruit him.”

Authorities are still looking into the occurrence that led to the man falling onto the tracks. Perry had simply left a train Monday when he saw two men with their clenched-up fists ready to brawl. Then he noticed one of the men lying still on the tracks, with his hand stuck beneath a rail.

The Greater Grand Crossing occupant hopped down to the tracks to help the man as spectators stood idly by with their phones recording the occurrence. Some hollered for someone else to get help, and the video that was shared online had around 133,000 views starting around Wednesday evening.

The unidentified man, who remained hospitalized Wednesday, was lying on top of the electric third rail, which drives trains. Despite there being people around, Perry single-handedly hauled the man off the tracks, then performed CPR with the assistance of an onlooker.

“When I looked back on the video and I listen, it sounded like everyone was in fear…no one actually did anything, they just wanted to record,” Perry said.

Walker mentioned that his wife told him about the viral video and Perry’s selfless actions.

“Everybody is about the views, about going viral but no one helps,” Walker said. “We just wanted to honor you; we want more Anthony’s in the world.”

I highly agree with what Walker said. If we had more humans in the world that were more concerned about helping each other out instead of getting some internet clout, we’d all be better off, and could avoid many sad or bad or worse scenarios we typically see.

Perry said the vehicle will make his life “way easier,” making sense of the fact that after a long shift, he’s nodded off on the train at times, missing his stop.

“Look at God, y’all,” he said, before revving the engine and taking his new car for a ride around the block.