This New Café Offers Coffee, Snacks, Jobs for the Disabled, and Cats?

This New Café Offers Coffee, Snacks, Jobs for the Disabled, and Cats?

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Pretty much every city has some sort of cafe on nearly every corner. It’s the place where you can go to get a quick morning boost when you’re running late. Hipsters also seem to live there since most of them offer wifi, and it’s just the place to be.

We’re no stranger to them offering snacks either. We see them often serving some sort of pastry or cookies, and at times you can even opt to have them warm or cold – just like your coffee. However, one cafe is changing the name of the game and putting a new spin on things while still brewing your favorite morning beverage.

An innovative combination of rescuing kitties, wellness, and skill preparing that sees the thought behind Toe Beans and Dreams Adoption – where this bistro is looking to take rescue cats and set them up for adoption.

Oahu neuropsychologist and family specialist Dr. Karen Tyson is working with KAT Charities VP Beth Doughty to foster Toe Beans and Dreams, a non-profit for feline reception, while likewise extending much-needed employment opportunities prepping for young adults who otherwise find it tough to find a job due to being disabled.

At times, employers are worried that handicapped people will not be able to complete the demands of the position they are applying for. Sadly, this leads to high levels of disabled people being unemployed. Employers aren’t just denying jobs based on being disabled, but are worried they could hurt themselves, and others, or just bog the system they have going down. However, this cafe is willing to give these individuals a chance and take it a step further in helping them learn practical skills needed to better suit employment – bless their hearts!

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“The mission of Toe Beans & Dreams Adoption Café is to empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing jobs and training to help them lead fulfilling lives while connecting Oahu with the loving furry friends we have rescued through our nonprofit KAT Charities,” said Dr. Tyson.

Development of the cafe starts this week for Toe Beans bistro, and not a moment too early since the neighborhood shelters – including Kat Charities – is starting to get overrun with cats needing a home.

However, the Toe Beans vision goes far past animal rescue: Dr. Tyson and Doughty plan to incorporate space at the bistro for local gatherings gaining practical experience in behavioral therapy and training skills for young children and young adults with any disabilities.

The bistro will highlight espresso, snacks, tea, and prepared merchandise for the current climate. The name Toe Beans was thought of after the paw cushions on the lower part of any cat’s feet.

KAT Charities will have a mass adoption occasion on June 25 from 3-6 p.m., and June 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and all proceeds will go towards the development of Toe Beans and Dreams.

“Kittens adopted this weekend will be the first in what we hope will be a long list of Toe Beans alumni,” said Doughty.

Tyson with KAT Charities added: “We also welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their time and expertise for this venture.” 

The event will be held at the KAT Charities local office situated inside the LD-ADHA Center of Hawaii, 98-1268 Kaʻahumanu St #202 in Pearl City.