This Spy Kids Actor Makes a Return – But Not How You’d Imagine

This Spy Kids Actor Makes a Return – But Not How You’d Imagine

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Spy Kids was a popular movie series that saw children having adult-like responsibilities. It depicts how keeping secrets can cause negative effects. The series was fun and a mix between a James Bond film and Willy Wonka, but also held lessons for children to take with them.

The movie series has seen multiple well-known actors who have graced this series with their appearances such as Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Sylvester Stallone, and Alexa PenaVega who played Carmen, one of the two secret agent spy children in the movies.

All grown-up Alexa has had quite the acting career starring in movies such as Twister or Spy Kids, along with a slew of TV shows such as The Bernie Mac Show or Ghost Whisperer, among others. She was crowned one of the hottest teen celebrities back in a Vanity Fair magazine in July of 2004.

This among many other achievements are all under her belt. She’s been very successful.

However, all of this was done under the Hollywood name, and if you’re Christian you know as well as I do that nothing Godly comes out of Hollywood, and in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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It’s rare when a famous person turns to God and actually means it. Some will say they turn to God, but turn around and make worldly music with cuss words and a very ungodly message. Some actually turn a new leaf and try to use their stardom for His kingdom.

When this happens they are likely to lose lots of fans and some backing, which is expected as they had previously built their career in this world—the fans, the backing, the stardom, all worldly, and not of God.

However, when it comes to our soul we will one day stand before God by ourselves. There will be no family units, no friends, no fans, no spouse, nothing – just you alone. So, it’s important to turn to Jesus while we still have time, and that’s what Alexa PenaVega has done.

The Spy Kids actor and her now-husband, Nickelodeon’s Big Deal Rush star Carlos PenaVega, had built up and experienced growing up in fame built in Hollywood, but wanted to expand their Christianity faith and values in a close-knit community. The couple met during a Bible study group over in California, and later got engaged in 2013.

Four months later they married and are presently packing up and heading to Hawaii where they are raising their three children after reflecting on prayer.

As of late, the PenaVegas has composed a book titled: “What if Love is the Point? Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World,” which was released on Tuesday. In it, they convey their decisions and realizations leading them up to their groundbreaking choice to turn to Jesus.

There were lots of questions asked in an interview about the book and decision. One question from Fox News was: “You have opened up about your life on social media. How do you cope with any criticism you may receive there?”

To which PenaVega responded: “People will always say something when you open up about your life on social media. And sometimes, some of those things they have to say can be hard to read. But…this is where I’m at in my life. We share these things, to be honest, and open with people. We’re not perfect by any means. And that’s why we share our lives with others. We want to show that this is a hard life to walk in, and we’re going to mess up,” she continued. “That doesn’t mean we glorify the mess-ups. We share them so people know you can fix them. Like, when I talk about the eating disorder, I’m certainly not proud of that. But I share it because I want people to know that you could overcome it… I’m grateful to have a community that encourages me. I accept true criticism, not something that’s hateful because I do love it when people want to help others to become better. But if a comment is nasty, those are easy to ignore, because I’m confident in the mother that I am and the life that I live.”

God bless their family! This is awesome news, and I’m proud of my brother and sister in Christ. I pray for their sake that they are sincere and that their book might help lead even more souls to Christ.