This Young Man Takes Unfeigned Action After Finding a Baby Thrown Out With Yesterday’s Trash

This Young Man Takes Unfeigned Action After Finding a Baby Thrown Out With Yesterday’s Trash

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Most young men nowadays are stuck in their little bubble world that revolves around them and the things that they think matter most, such as how much their shoes cost, or how many females they can have ‘relations’ with. However, few among the many are raised with good morals and have a good head on their shoulders such as Jimmy Amisial, who is currently 27 years old.

Back when he was only 22 years old, he was heading home to visit his mother Elicie in Haiti during an interim break from Texas State University where he’s working hard to learn electronic media and communication.

“When I woke up that day, I was totally unaware that my life was about to change forever,” Jimmy said.

Since he was younger and, in his teens, Jimmy has always helped out when it came to children, he would even bring back presents to orphans who lived nearby his house, and the trip he was on to see his mother was no different. He had presents for the orphans with him.

As he was making his way back to the orphanage, he noticed a huge gathering of people crouched around a garbage bin. Curiosity got the best of Jimmy, and he went to go see what all the commotion was about, and to his astonishment, there was a baby who was only four months old inside.

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“People were crowding around this trash bin and I heard them arguing about what to do with this tiny baby. Everyone was just staring at him—not a single soul wanted to help,” said Jimmy.

That’s the issue with people nowadays. No one is willing to stand up and make a difference. Had this occurred here in America people probably would have pulled out their phones and started making videos to post online for views.

However, as mentioned, few rise to the higher call, and on that day Jimmy did what anyone with compassion and a heart would do, and scooped the baby up carefully, and walked with it over to his mother’s house where they bathed it, clothed it, and fed it as any good parent would.

Jimmy and his mother did what they could and notified authorities who then took samples of the DNA to try and find the parents or family. However, the investigation could take a long time and the family may never even be found.

“I was already behind on my university fees and my family has always struggled to make ends meet,” Jimmy explained. “But I didn’t have a dad growing up, and this poor child was facing a lifetime of instability and uncertainty. Something inside was telling me that this had happened for a reason, so I took a leap of faith.”

Ever since then he’s been taking care of the child as if it were his own. He didn’t give up his schooling either, he’s been working hard at splitting his time between his studies and going back to Haiti to visit his now-son who is being watched by his mother when he’s away.

Presently, Jimmy is trying to legally adopt the child he named Emilio and is just starting school at the tender age of 5 years old. It hasn’t been easy though, as this has been an ongoing process that has spanned nearly 5 years. Jimmy has a GoFundMe page set up to help him raise the funds needed to legally adopt Emilio and says that he is a special child who is bright and loves music.

“I’m glad I got the opportunity to transform his life from being abandoned in the trash to being a wonderful treasure,” Jimmy said. “I truly do feel like a father, and I’m excited to put pen to paper and make Emilio my son. I just need to raise the money first,” he continued. “Mom loves him, the kids in the orphanage love him, and I love him as if he were my own. He is a special little boy.”

What an amazing story and one that people can learn from. Hopefully, Jimmy can make things official soon, but I’m sure to Emilio, that Jimmy is already a father in his eyes. God bless both of them.