Trump Joins Missionary Sean Feucht For 21 Days of Prayer Celebration

Trump Joins Missionary Sean Feucht For 21 Days of Prayer Celebration

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Former President Donald Trump was conspicuously absent from the 9/11 memorial site on Saturday commemorating 20th anniversary of that horrific event, the former president. However, he was in a firehouse a few miles away from the former ground zero site thanking those first responders for their service, and more importantly for putting their lives on the line.

Later in the day number 45 joined missionary founder Sean Feucht via video at a prayer event in Washington, D.C., at the National Mall. The former commander-in-chief declared during the Let Us Worship rally that, “turning to God, is the ultimate answer to evil that we see here today as thousands of Americans gather on the mall to pray for our beloved nation and to pray for one another.”

Trump continued, “I want to thank ‘Let Us Worship’ for calling Americans to 21 days of prayer in the coming weeks. America is a nation strengthened and sustained by God and the prayers of all His children. Your faith is a force that our enemies can never, ever extinguish,” he said. “Your love of God, family, and country is more powerful than any adversaries’ hatred, or malice, or scorn. So as we remember those Americans we lost two decades ago, we return again and again to the same simple prayer that was heard echoing all across our land in the days after the Sept. 11th attacks. God bless our first responders. God bless our service members. God bless the memory of all who died on 9/11 and God bless America.”

The former president recalled that “terrible day” 20-years ago as he paused a moment to honor the memory of the nearly 3,000 innocent lives lost on that sun-drenched morning, remembering the worst attack on the homeland. However the attack also demonstrated to the world, that although America buckled momentarily, she never faltered, Trump praised the resilience of the “incredible city” of New York.

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We cherish their legacy and we reaffirm our everlasting vow to never forget. We all remember hearing in the hours and days after the attacks, the stories of police officers, firefighters and first responders who showed bravery and daring far beyond the call of duty,” Trump said.

As a lifelong New Yorker, it was extraordinary to witness the strength and resilience of people in that incredible city and it is indeed an incredible city. They raced into danger and toward the smoke without a thought of their own safety. The heroism of the NYPD and the FDNY, the fire department, the police department, the port authority police as well as the first responders at the Pentagon and so many others will live in our national memory for all time,” he said.

For those not familiar with the “Let Us Worship” movement founded by missionary, artist, speaker, author and political activist Sean Feucht, is a global prayer and worship movement spanning 6 continents with more than 250 cities taking part in the 21 days of prayer celebration.

The event drew thousands of the faithful to the National Mall over the weekend, as Feucht led worshipers in prayer, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

The 38-year old Christian artist confided to the Christian Broadcasting Network that there may have been some divine intervention when he was attempting to solidify a date for the “Let Us Worship” event, which he had hoped for the beginning of October. However, the National Park Service could only offer Feucht the last weekend in October.

They came back to me and said, ‘Actually we can’t give you a date in October, the only dates we have available are September 11 and 12. And I knew in that moment this was a total God setup,” Feucht said.