Video: Cancer Patient Asks Complete Stranger to Fulfill Her Dying Wish – to Raise Her Son

Video: Cancer Patient Asks Complete Stranger to Fulfill Her Dying Wish – to Raise Her Son

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Oncology Nurse Tricia Seaman has been commended by numerous people throughout the years for her assistance. However, none of those commendations come close to the compliment that one patient with the same first name as hers did, Tricia Somers.

“Before she even said anything, I just felt comfortable. It was almost like somebody just put a warm blanket on me,” Somers said eight years ago. “I’ve never felt anything like that before or any other connection with anybody else.”

Somers additionally said that Seaman just had a kind feeling about her. She had never met the woman before, but as soon as she entered the room she felt as though someone put a warm blanket on her or had hugged her. It was at that point Somers thought she’d met an angel.

Somers, a single parent with an 8-year-old child, Wesley, had recently figured out her cancer was terminal and was at the medical clinic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when she first met Seaman.

“What do you say to somebody?” Seaman said back then about the patient’s conclusion on her diagnosis. “She’s 45 years old. So I just gave her a hug and she said, ‘I have something that I need to ask you.'”

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Somers then looked Seaman – a stranger – in the eyes and asked what most parents would never even think about doing. “Can you take my son? Will you raise him if I die?” However, given the circumstances, I can understand what she was trying to do.

The two had never so much as even met before this movement, but despite that fact, Seaman, her husband, and family all concurred. Sadly, Somers passed on not too long after the decision was made. Eight years have passed since then.

Somers son, Wesley, just turned 16 and presently has a student’s grant. Before his mother passed on, she purchased presents for him to open on his birthdays as he aged. Most recently, a key chain, for when he gets his very first vehicle. That’s how in little ways Somers is still around, helping Seaman raise her child together.

“I think it was the only thing she could think to do, really. And I’m thankful every day that she made that decision,” Wesley said of his mom.

This is amazing on all fronts when you think about it. Not only did the mother take a leap of faith to ensure her child is in good hands – even if with a stranger. I can’t imagine what was going through both of their minds simultaneously, and what’s more, is that the stranger took her up on the request. Looking forward at the story, we even see the child thriving.

The teamwork of Wesley’s mother and nurse, or just two moms at this point is paying off. Seaman says that Wesley is a straight-A student and model kid.

“He’s exceptional. But the most important thing is he just has such a kind and loving heart,” she said.

With all things considered, how could he not? When he’s been watched over by angles.