VIDEO: Puppies Invade Nursing Home Reanimating Seniors

VIDEO: Puppies Invade Nursing Home Reanimating Seniors

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This is a heart-melting reaction of care home residents as they were invaded by a fluffy storm of British bulldogs and Pomeranian pups.

The charming video shows the occupants of Romford Grange Care cooing, having their noses licked, and petting the tiny canines. The visit, which occurred last month, was coordinated by Larry Cooley, proprietor of the Bully Ranch, as a feature of the ‘Bully Ranch to you’ project.

The undertaking is a personal one for Larry, 34, who coordinated the outing to raise the spirits of the inhabitants at the elderly home.

This is a great thing to have done for them. As we all know, sadly some of these individuals are hardly ever visited by loved ones, sometimes never seeing anyone visit them. This can make for a lonely life, so when little children with schools visit them, or when churches show up and love on them, it can really mean a lot to them – probably more than we can perceive. Things like that can not only make their day, but for someone who’s all but forgotten, can make the year in this scenario, so when fluffy pups invade, it’s sure to stir things up and make quite the day and leave them with quite a story to tell. 

In fact, I’m sure most individuals in elderly homes or not would enjoy their day to day routines being invaded by a tornado of cute puppies, so I have no doubt that this really did mean a lot to them.

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Larry said, “Being raised by my nan and grandad in the East End of London, I have always had utmost respect for the elderly, always helping out carrying bags and doing what I could to contribute,” he continued. “Puppies and dogs have amazing benefits such as lowering anxiety, helping with depression, stress, conquering loneliness and even reducing physical pain.”

Overcoming depression was a major factor in their pursuing the impact the pandemic had on the elderly.

He added, “From the moment we entered the care home there were smiles all round from staff and residents. It was a really nice atmosphere I must say. During the pandemic it was hard not to notice that the elderly were affected dramatically, with no visits from family and friends and the massive change in climate,” he noted. “The residents in the care home had a rough two years but on Wednesday they were told we were coming to visit, they were very excited and kept asking after us.”

This is truly amazing if we look at how the pandemic affected some of the populace, namely the young. Some people began suffering from depression, and that’s only after being confined to their houses for a short bit when compared to the elderly, who at times stay this way for the majority of the time.

Only during the pandemic, the few visits they are known to receive by groups such as young kids from school or visitors from churches had even stopped, and with around 1.5 million older adults living in nursing homes according to the NIH, that’s a lot of lonely people. So, it’s awesome to see people making an effort to remember, and love on the elderly.