Watch Freedom Convoy Truckers Pray The Lord’s Prayer During Protest

Watch Freedom Convoy Truckers Pray The Lord’s Prayer During Protest

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As a lot of you know by now there has been a massive convoy formed in  Canada by truckers who are protesting the vaccine mandates issued by the Canadian government. At one point, the freedom convoy stretched a whopping 45 miles long, which is over 40 miles longer than the previous record sent for a convoy. Well, now videos on social media have surfaced showing a group of the freedom convoy truckers saying the Lord’s prayer while facing some trouble.

The video takes place in a local restaurant in Coutts, Alberta where truckers formed a blockade to demonstrate their disapproval of the vaccine mandates that force truckers who cross the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated.

While in the restaurant the group of truck drivers participating in the freedom convoy were in a tough dilemma. Canadian law enforcement officers contacted some of the truckers and voiced their concerns about how locals, school buses, and emergency vehicles could not pass through their blockade.

The truckers were in a tough situation because they didn’t want to end their peaceful protests against vaccine mandates and they also didn’t want to hurt anybody. So, the truckers started to pray the Lord’s prayer and ask God’s will be done on earth as it is heaven.

Watch the moment they prayed here:

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After praying the Lord’s prayer, the group of truckers decided to open one lane for residents, bus drivers, and emergency vehicles to not be inconvenienced.

The Candian truckers have been receiving a lot of encouragement from their fellow Canadians but amongst government officials not so much. Faith Wire reported that Prime Minister Justin has claimed that the truckers are hateful:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has tested positive for COVID-19 and is isolating, condemned the “Freedom Convoy” as an unacceptable protest whose supporters are touting “hateful rhetoric” and espousing “violence toward fellow citizens.” It’s worth noting that, so far, there has been no reported violence linked to the convoy.

The video of the truckers saying the Lord’s prayer together showed no hateful rhetoric or violence but rather peace and unity.

Truckers weren’t the only ones protesting, but thousands of Canadians lined the streets of Ottawa and other major cities to show their support for the truckers. One young lady, in particular, brought her guitar to the protests and started playing Amazing Grace, Take a listen:

The singer performing Amazing Grace was a young musician by the name of Trista Suke and the man seen in the video is David Freiheit a prominent lawyer in Canada who has does vlogging.

Many Canadian Christians have supported the protests, others have condemned them and believe protests are not godly actions. Pastor Tim Stephens, in front of his congregation at Fairview Baptist Church, said “if your here today as Protestant Christian and you’re not quite sure what to think about protests, then I want you to think about that name for a second”.

Pastor Stephens would go on to say as Protestants were born out of Protests. Watch his pastor Stephens full take here: