WATCH: Good Samaritan Raises Enough Money So an Elderly Navy Veteran Can Retire From Walmart

WATCH: Good Samaritan Raises Enough Money So an Elderly Navy Veteran Can Retire From Walmart

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Butch Marion, an 82-year-old Navy veteran, is appreciative of a large donation that allowed him to retire from Walmart. One man filmed him at the cash station and created a GoFundMe page for him.

Butch’s zeal and intensity surprised pest elimination service owner Rory McCarty.

Rory was impressed by the veteran’s hard ethic despite his frustration in finding decent support as a growing business owner. He filmed Butch working after seeing online videos of individuals raising money for the elderly.

The Lord, just prompted me to get my video out and I did and I started videotaping him.”

Rory posted the video on Titkok and began a donation campaign for him.

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Rory thanked Jesus Christ, saying, “I first want to thank our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ cause if it wasn’t for Him, it won’t have pricked my heart to start this.”

Butch is still in disbelief after his video garnered millions of views and donations from around the world raised almost $108,000 in two days.

I can’t even put my arms around it to tell you the truth. It’s so amazing how good people are from around the world. Now, this ain’t just here… and why was I, out of everybody, the one picked?”, he asks gratefully.

Butch believes he can pay off his bills, visit his daughters in the south, and help others with the money earned.

Butch thanked everyone who gave her this. “I’m like a bird out of a cage now.”


Featured Image screenshot from embedded YouTube video.