WATCH: Group of Good Samaritans Save Woman’s Life and Prevent Huge Wreck

WATCH: Group of Good Samaritans Save Woman’s Life and Prevent Huge Wreck

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A group of Good Samaritans acted quickly to help a lady who experienced a medical episode at a bustling Boynton Beach intersection last week, said police.

A few drivers have persistent medical conditions that can influence their driving. The most well-known ones are diabetes and epilepsy, which can cause loss of cognizance and seizures, respectively, and that’s only counting day-to-day medical situations, and not other isolated ones such as heart attacks or strokes.

At the point when an individual encounters these types of medical issues while driving, the likelihood of an accident jolts upwards. It is believed that roughly 20% of all accidents are caused by medical issues while on the road.

This occurrence happened at Woolbright Road and Congress Avenue on May 5. A video distributed by the Boynton Beach Police Department shows the driver’s vehicle gradually entering the convergence at Congress Avenue.

Police said that the woman’s colleague was in another vehicle and saw her slouched over the steering wheel. The lady’s colleague hustled across the busy road, waving her arms to grab the attention of nearby drivers.

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That’s when a small group began to form, jumping out of their vehicles and working together to stop the driver’s vehicle, which was still traveling through the clamoring crossing point. One of the good Samaritans was a U.S. Armed force Staff Sgt. Juan Chavez.

“When I heard her say, ‘She’s unconscious, she’s unconscious,’ that’s when I was like, ‘I have to do something,'” Chavez said.

After the gathering figured out how to stop the vehicle, Chavez ran back to his own vehicle to get a tool to break one of the driver’s vehicle windows out.

“We couldn’t get the window open,” Chavez explained. “You can see in the video someone tried to actually punch it out, but I had a tool in my car to break windows.”

Police said that one lady fetched a hand weight from her own vehicle, and a man then utilized it to crush the driver’s back side window. Another person then moved through the window to open the driver-side door.

“She wasn’t responsive initially,” Chavez said. “Once we got the door open, she became more responsive.”

The vehicle was then shifted into park and the group of good Samaritans pushed it to a nearby 7-eleven parking lot, where a medical attendant who was on the phone with 911 gave clinical attention until a local group of firefighters showed up at the scene.

Authorities said that they are sharing the video in hopes to help find the people who were involved in helping out the woman, saving her life – and helping to prevent what could have been a horrible accident. 

“They are heroes and we want to bring them back together at the police department to recognize them and meet the woman they rescued,” police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said. “We need your help to do this.”

Slater said the lady is now improving after this terrifying episode.

“I did speak to her employer, and she is doing fine,” Slater told WPTV reporter Josh Navarro. “She is back to work.”