WATCH: Hysterical Photos of Dogs Catching Cheese Snacks to Help a Charity

WATCH: Hysterical Photos of Dogs Catching Cheese Snacks to Help a Charity

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If you’re having a rough day, and need a pick me up, try this story! It’ll easily clear up those dark clouds, and should be able to get you to crack a smile, if not make you laugh your socks off!

Some of us may be aware that man’s best friend, our dogs – may have poor eyesight, but what they lack in eyesight is highly made up with some of their other senses such as hearing, or in this case smell. 

Our furry pals heavily rely on their smell, and while they have more taste buds than their arch-nemesis – cute kittens, they have far fewer taste buds than us. We have around 10,000 taste buds that help us to enjoy every morsel we try out, but they only have about 1,700 taste buds. That’s why they may sniff things prior to eating something for the first time.

It also plays a part in how they are great catchers. When growing up, they always catch things such as frisbees, food tossed to them, and in some cases, wild game when hunting, among other things. When doing this for a while, they end up honing their catching skills and can become quite proficient at it.

However, even if experts at catching, that doesn’t mean they’ll have their perfect game faces on all the time when catching things – and these pooches are here to prove it!

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A dog photographic artist who catches silly pictures of dogs attempting to get blocks of cheddar snacks has been working with fund-raising money to purchase pet food for food banks.

Carolyne Cowan, 56, as of late snapped pictures of 41 canines rushing in to catch cheddar block snacks at a charity ‘catchathon’ occasion.

Mother of two Carolyn captured multiple breeds from tiny Border Terriers, to Rottweilers and Greyhounds.

Alasdair, her husband, diced up 10kg of cheddar cheese cubes to toss at the pups while Carolyne snapped the pictures, obtaining about 50 pictures for every pet in attendance!

Hysterically behind the scenes, the film shows eager Zeus, a Rottweiler getting in position to complete his crucial mission for the day – catch the cheese!

Cowan first began the event back in 2018 and continued it for over 10 months, raising $20,000 in the process, but like the rest of the world, had to stop once the pandemic began.

Cowan, who owns Carrie Southerton Photography, had a few things to say about her new event: “It was an insane day yet we have never chuckled so much of all time. The proprietors had a great time, it was splendid. There were just six canines who didn’t or couldn’t get the cheddar,” she continued. “Some were being princesses and simply taking a gander at Alasdair after he tossed the cheddar with extraordinary distain, as though to say, how might you venture to toss something at me. Yet, you get the diverting outtakes with the ones who don’t get so it was incredible tomfoolery and the canines cherished it.”

Some of the pictures are too funny, and you can’t help but smile or laugh at some of these hilarious photos of the pups, just check out the video below!

Cowan said, “We began a raising support page since somebody in America reached us saying they could be there however might want to give. So we are wanting to help up to our objective through that.”