WATCH: Looks like These Pups Played the Ultimate Game of Fetch and Got Hitched in the Cutest Wedding

WATCH: Looks like These Pups Played the Ultimate Game of Fetch and Got Hitched in the Cutest Wedding

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A unique story unfolded when a dog said ‘woof woof!’ – which is code for ‘I do!’ – In a cute ceremony where two adorable pups tied the knot.

If you’re like me, the closest thing you’ve seen, heard, or even thought of are fluffy pals joining a wedding for pictures, perhaps a theme, or maybe even ring bearer if done correctly. Of course, you’ve also got the pet owners who say the fluff comes with them as a package deal.

However, two inseparable shelter pups got hitched in a cute ceremony, with their own made smaller than the usual house of prayer, complete with a bubble machine!

Last Wednesday, three-year-old Cashew and nine-year-old peanut might be making some Chex-mix after getting married at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in Bexar County in Texas. The pair, both being Chihuahuas, were given up in April 2022 by their families to SAHS as they could no longer be dealt with.

They first met in the SAHS clinical structure after their respective dental medical procedures and were both instantaneously bonded. After watching their relationship bloom, the staff chose to coordinate the wedding with the expectations of helping Cashew and Peanut find their furever homes.

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Hopefully, it improves the chances that the soon trail mix will be discovered and adopted. Thanks to bad reps and publicity, dogs from the shelter have always been labeled as vicious, volatile, or troublesome canines. However, there are countless benefits to adopting a pup from the shelter who’s probably scared and lonely. For example, most canines surrendered to the shelter are due to circumstances out of the owner’s control, such as allergies or their place of dwelling rules changing. At the same time, very few hold true to the stigma of having behavioral issues.

In addition, most dogs that wind up in the shelter end up there young, nor are they all ‘mutts’. In fact, people who breed pups or the ‘back yard breeders’ sometimes cannot find a home for the puppies, and those same pups can end up in the shelter – be it surrendered or by other means. On top of that, around a quarter of all dogs found in animal shelters are actually purebred according to

The heartfelt ceremony included the puppies all cleaned up to perfection with an honorary pathway flanked with canine molded hedges.

“The ceremony was to celebrate their love and recovery journey,” Lucia Almanza, a Public Relations Associate at SAHS, said. “Their small, intimate wedding day was shared with staff, volunteers and our closest friends. The event included a beautiful walk down the aisle, bubbles, music and cake, of course!”

Likewise, a tiny wedding sanctuary was built for the event.

“A couple of days before we had some volunteers who constructed Peanut and Cashew,” she added. “Their very own chapel in their own time, complete with a bubble machine for added fun for the dogs.”

Lucia made sense that Chestnut and Peanut are accessible exclusively for adoption at SAHS, but staff trust they get to proceed with their honeymoon together for eternity.

SAHS is a non-profit, no-kill association that was established in 1952 and consistently shelters, medically treats, and rehabilitates thousands of canines and felines who remain under their wings until adopted.