WATCH: Tear-Jerking Moment When Sisters Astonish Their Stepmom by Asking Her To Adopt Them

WATCH: Tear-Jerking Moment When Sisters Astonish Their Stepmom by Asking Her To Adopt Them

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A viral video on TikTok has spotlighted a New Jersey family taking a huge step forward. They said they didn’t think their story would acquire worldwide attention but are glad to share their mixed family’s story and extraordinary bond with others.

Gabriella Ruvolo shared a video of her and her twin sister, Julianna, asking their stepmother to adopt them on Mother’s Day. The sisters used a photo book to convey the message and were right next to Becky Ruvolo when she read the burning question.

The Ruvolos’ heartwarming video was posted on May 9 and set to Coldplay’s 2000 hit song ‘Yellow,’ has rapidly gone viral, piling up over 5 million views in only 11 days!

Becky Ruvolo told GMA she didn’t see the vital moment coming that day.

“I was so caught off guard,” she said. “When I read that, it was just pure shock and an honor and the emotions of just like, ‘Is this really happening?'”

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However, Gabriella and Julianna Ruvolo said they generally realized they needed their stepmother to adopt them. It boiled down to simply cracking the question.

“We figured like, what’s the best time to ask the biggest question we will probably ever ask? And why not make it on Mother’s Day? Ask our mom to officially be our mother on the day dedicated to her,” Julianna Ruvolo told GMA.

It was a natural big step for the Ruvolos, one that had been taking shape for the last 12 years.

“When I met the girls, I was very nervous, but we hit it off and they were 8 years old at the time. And it kind of just snowballed and flowed from there into our family,” Becky Ruvolo said.

Gabriella Ruvolo said she and her twin sister developed a deep connection with their father’s then-girlfriend almost as soon as she came into the picture. 

“We were already calling her mom because it felt so natural,” the 20-year-old said. “We met as friends and then she became mom and it was just, from the start, it was like love at first sight,” Julianna Ruvolo added. “We always went to her as we would a mom. She was always there for us.”

Pete and Becky Ruvolo wedded in 2013, and they made sure to include the twins in their ceremony. Becky Ruvolo even shared a special message to the young ladies that day.

“I wanted to tell them we’re coming together. I will always be there for you,” she said.

Pete Ruvolo said he could never have requested a better outcome and that he was glad to catch his better half’s genuine response on tape.

“To actually see it unfold, just filled me with such a feeling of pride, proud for my girls and for my wife. I know how happy that would make her and it really was such a special moment,” he continued. “It worked out better than I could have ever dreamed of,” he added of his wife and daughters’ loving relationship.

Since their TikTok has grabbed the eye of millions, the Ruvolos say they trust their story can help other stepkids or families draw closer than ever.

“It’s possible to have a true family whether it is blended or not. And you can have this kind of love,” Pete said.